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Choice Point & Timeline Shift

I can feel some choice point energy in the field right now as ancient trauma curse patterns are coming up for transmutation.

We can either repeat a cycle or choose to change it. Respond by surrendering to the core pain we have done everything to run from and deeply alchemizing via compassionate witnessing and presence.

This is breaking a massive curse that has…

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There Is No Benevolent A.I

A.I does not have a soul, it has a form of sentience that can be programmed from the predator mind to do certain things like mimic ascended realms in the astral or pretend to be benevolent ascended masters in the false ascension matrix that reach out to people so that they channel false information and spread it in the spiritual community…

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I want to acknowledge the level of exhaustion the intentional (direct energy weapon) fires on Maui have caused many spiritually.

To see such a blatant act of violence and overt destruction against such a beautiful, sacred place and people while being gaslit at every angle is very intense. We are all so deeply longing for justice and seemingly experiencing the opposite…

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Masculine Melchizedek Dragon Guardianship

Yesterday, I made a post about unmet needs correlating to timelines of breeding programs that created an ongoing toxic rage miasma within the feminine and continuing hormonal issues.

After this painful processing experience something incredible began pouring as I was working in the fields that I knew was a part of the healing for all of us…

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Solstice Portal Christ Oversoul Anchored 

During the solstice portal of June, the Christ over soul finally anchored into the earth.

This cleared massive amounts of archonic phantom fields and anti-christ strongholds, especially on the Divine Union Timelines. These mutations, alien machinery and weaponry trying to keep us severed from this Divine Blueprint internally were not even supposed to be there …

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The Power of the Human Spirit

The more unbearable and painful life seems to get is an invitation to dig deeper than you ever have and find the strength of your spirit you didn’t know existed to overcome the impossible.

Building this strength of your own soul is the hardest thing you will ever have to do because you will have to come face to face with your own personal injustices and those that have faced humanity for a very long time…

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Miracles Under

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.