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When God Says No, There is Always a Protection in It

Just because you may be worthy, does not make you entitled. 

A lot of people are sold a false dream when it comes to watered-down concepts around self-love and worthiness. We can work on our core wounding around our value and worth but that does not mean we automatically become entitled to having everything we think we want. Entitlement comes from the idea that we are owed something simply because of who we are. Being sold this false bill of goods is common in the spiritual community. Self-love, self-empowerment and ridiculous notions like “I get paid to exist” are a representation of a sick ideology that’s based on accumulation as material resources sold with the label of freedom. 

Climbing your way up the matrix ladder does not equal freedom, it may equal the freedom to not be tied down to a job you hate or the ability to take a vacation at the drop of a hat, but I wouldn’t consider that the goal of our existence here on this planet and it certainly is not as important as our spiritual bank account. You can make millions off of spiritual concepts and still be spiritually bankrupt. You can sell ideas of freedom and worthiness with good marketing and call it manifestation. You can coerce people into maxing out their credit cards in the hopes that they too will be able to live like you do. You can do a lot of corrupt things under the guise of worthiness. However… 

True freedom is only found in a relationship with Christ. 

In leaning on him for our purpose and our provision. Learning to trust in him instead of the god of this world that promises fast money, an exciting life, luxury and whatever other external idea we project our “freedom” and “worthiness” onto. The distinction here is found in the quote, “The devil sends a limo while God wants you to walk”. 

This isn’t demonizing the idea of financial independence, stability or even wealth. I am very concerned though when it comes to these being equated with our worth or our freedom when those things are given by God and God alone. The god of this world can fill your life with every material possession you can imagine, but the cost will always mean compromising your soul and the cost is ultimately always too high. With God, we don’t have to sell our souls, we get all the true wealth and true freedom but we have to understand what true wealth is as it may not look like all the curated lifestyles we see on Instagram. 

True wealth – a gift from the Holy Spirit – is when we can live our purpose and save the world with what God put inside of us. True wealth may look like just getting by every month but still, God is always making a way. It may look like a vacation once a year instead of once a month. It may not look like security in numbers. It’s learning to walk in faith and to notice the signs to where God is leading you. This is true abundance and provision and it cannot be taken because it is built on the architecture of God. It’s when we are led by the true light frequency (Christ) and not the inorganic frequency (Antichrist) that falsely promises all the shiny things of this world. 

God knows what we truly need. We may not need all this extra stuff we see online and see other people doing, but when we truly in our hearts desire something, God always answers our prayer. It’s such a special thing to pray and get our prayer answered, because then we know where the source of our provision comes from and it certainly does not come from feeling entitled to have everything we want when we want it. 

We would destroy our lives if we could instantly have anything we wanted in this specific realm – There are reasons why living by God’s Will and co-creating in unison with natural law is so important. When God says no, there is always a protection in it because God sees the future and understands better than you do that giving you that thing here and now would harm you. Just as when God says yes, it’s because it’s right for your journey and will support your soul’s growth. We need to learn to lean on the one when it comes to needs, wants, freedom and worthiness and be led by the light of Christ and not by trying to feel secure in this world by amassing “things”. When we shift our lives to making Christ the focal point, we stop trying to control and push things that our soul is resistant to. 

The idea that anyone can manifest anything they want is a complete lie. There is not a free-for-all when it comes to manifesting. There are certain regulations that don’t just allow us to exploit the quantum field like it’s some McDonald’s drive-through that takes our order and then immediately gives us a yes. God’s Will is what it’s called. God knows and sees what every person needs for their soul’s journey. We have the ability to go beyond barriers and blockages and ask God for more, but it doesn’t mean we are entitled to whatever that is. Each person has a divine purpose and when they live in that divine purpose things flow to them naturally, or they can live outside of God’s Will and they can manifest with occult and Luciferian shortcuts that will always have some kind of back door negative consequence down the line – even if in the moment you manipulate reality with a form of black magic called ‘entitlement’ and not taking no for an answer. 

We can go against God’s Will for us and others and sell and teach very distorted versions of what God’s Will and co-creation mean to suit our ego and agenda, however, all this does is mask our God Wound with things that make us feel better temporarily and the spiritual karma accumulates until we get back into right relationship with the Divine and make things right. 

Surrender to God’s Will for you and whatever is right for you and your specific soul journey will come to pass – including the dream, the desire in your heart. God put that there for a reason.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.