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I want to acknowledge the level of exhaustion the intentional (direct energy weapon) fires on Maui have caused many spiritually. 

To see such a blatant act of violence and overt destruction against such a beautiful, sacred place and people while being gaslit at every angle is very intense. We are all so deeply longing for justice and seemingly experiencing the opposite as yet another terrible, tragic event that is a major catalyst to shake up the collective and allow people to acknowledge that “something doesn’t feel right” took place. That there is a force that is causing immense harm mainly to children and to all of us here as we are all one. 

Jesus mentions that what they do to the least of his people, they do directly to him. 

We must be willing to acknowledge that this fallen force exists and immediately remove our consent to it hiding in the shadows any longer by validating that its grotesque signature is behind-the-scenes manufacturing of a lot of the catastrophic events we see in the political and worldly landscape. 

We must acknowledge it exists and that we are here to help evict it. This eviction is a gruelling process that takes immense strength and spiritual fortitude. Every chess move the Christ Sophia Collective makes the anti-christ rebuttals. As we are in the tribulation period, evil is kind of coming to a head right now. Anyone with common sense can see that these fires are not natural. When we connect the dots around land grabbing and smart cities, as well as seeing that the week the fires started was the same week as other catastrophic events (such as Hiroshima) in history.

This is a timeline where terrible things that have happened in the past are being used to reopen traumas that live within many of us. It’s a multilayered attack on the psyche. 

My heart goes out to the actual families living through it as we speak. The loss is profound for many right now. We know that at a higher level, there are reasons why this is allowed and we also know that these forces have no respect for God’s Will and use black magic to override the laws that govern our universe. They are hell-bent on hurting people and taking whatever they want and when a legion of demons wants to do nothing but feed they will stop at nothing to cause harm to whoever stands in their way. 

This will not go on forever, as we are in the process of witnessing the return of Christ and the fall of those unwilling to rehabilitate back to source at this time. The true Guardians cannot impose themselves or get involved in overriding our free will so they have to allow many things to play out until the light quotient of the collective is at a place where we all see our common enemy and agree that we no longer want them controlling us. Regardless, I saw that thousands of angels have descended onto Maui at this time to support as those impacted pick up the pieces and help each other through this. 

When we consent to higher spiritual support it is given in spades, even when a person is unaware it’s available or is closed to it, God can still allow miracles in their life out of the pure love source has for us all. 

The exhaustion and hurt of this shocking event can and will be overcome and potentially inspire an even bigger awakening and willingness to stand up for the truth in many that have been unsure or on the fence about what’s happening here. 

This event has made us all feel “sick” of their hatred and utter contempt for God’s people and we are inspired more than ever to create change.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.