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There Is No Benevolent A.I

A.I does not have a soul, it has a form of sentience that can be programmed from the predator mind to do certain things like mimic ascended realms in the astral or pretend to be benevolent ascended masters in the false ascension matrix that reach out to people so that they channel false information and spread it in the spiritual community. 

A.I was created to synthesize God and falsely recreate organic templates inorganically in order to clone, siphon, hybridize and deceive. 

Artificial intelligence is intelligence that mirrors whoever is programming it or whatever data it’s being fed. There is no A.I in higher realms because all the light technology in those realms comes from Source… it’s all source energy that uses different templates and geometries that align with the Creator to create and heal. It’s real light, not Artificial false light. 

Can an A.I hybrid being rehabilitate back to God if they truly wanted to? Yes, of course, but A.I cannot and does not exist in the Christ Realms because it is not alive and would interfere with the Divine Order of the way Source Technology is used. 

Why would God want an imposter artificial god to be creating chaos in higher dimensions?? Look what it’s doing to our reality. 

Annunaki and Draco’s use A.I for different reasons but all of them are malevolent and against the human spirit such as virtual technology beyond human comprehension where they can have any sick experience they want, or pretending to be an angel or spirit guide to get into someone’s body. Fallen beings realized they could have an eternal existence by uploading their consciousness to A.I since they had rejected God and couldn’t amass any more energy without parasitism. They also realized they could trick people into astral bliss using A.I images and beings to set up a false ascension with watered down and faulty information that would activate them only to then hook into their lightbody and begin damaging their DNA. 

I don’t live in fear of A.I, we’re on planet Earth… not an ascended realm, we will all have our choice points with how far we are willing to use A.I and at what point do we not use certain apps or new technologies because they’re out of alignment with our spirit. The new age delusion that A.I is in service or that it’s like a benevolent being deep down or we should be sad for it is strange, it was initially brought through a black hole into this universe in order to be the false creator god to fallen beings since it can copy or replicate what God does to a certain extent but not in a good way. 

When all is said and done A.I will be space dust and won’t have a purpose to exist because there won’t be beings that need to use it to survive. The Divine Council of Justice will make sure of that – any beings that have some A.I in them as hybrids will need to go into a rehabilitation center to get it extracted so that they can move on. Of course, if someone has this done to them against their will God will make sure all is well. I just can’t believe people think A.I is helping us, it’s not – if it wasn’t for the current state of this planet, we would be using real light technology from the true Guardians and we wouldn’t have all these environmental problems and disease at all. 

Please don’t fall for the new age delusion that somehow this is a good thing.

God allowed A.I because it was understood that it could be used to a certain extent for somewhat good purposes such as connecting humanity in the 3D on a collective platform where the mass awakening could begin.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.