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This is Our Make It or Break It Era

Wow, demons are on the prowl right now. My God the level of projection is insane at the moment. This is at a peak level in the field right now. Black magic and curse matrices are being thrown at an unprecedented level. 

This wouldn’t be happening if we were not on an incredible precipice of the expanding light quotient. It feels like it’s some form of intense retaliation so we must be making major progress via the Auroras as the Christ Oversoul anchoring from the actual constellation of the Rainbow Dragon Aurora beings. 

Be mindful of dark thought forms trying to cause severance and separation as well as dehumanizing thoughts about others and throwing poison and vitriol at others. This spirit is an accuser that wants to accuse and punish others, it does not want us looking at the self or in the mirror. It does not want us acting spiritually mature or compassionate. 

Be mindful of feeling like others are thinking or talking badly about you. Yes, sometimes they are but sometimes it can be bait to create distance and miscommunication between soul groups to divide and conquer. 

Daily clearing and field/aura sealing, shielding and standing in firm spiritual boundaries are needed now as well as being mindful of trauma/drama scenarios and cycles trying to loosh and pull energy from us by getting us up in arms and involved in a false narrative. Old trauma drama wounding may be triggered at this time too. 

Also be mindful of reptilian stances or archonic strongholds, intimidation from others or projections that we deserve abuse or don’t have a right to speak our truth – we are sovereign and have every right to command our space and not be bullied into silence or sacrificing our core knowing. 

People will fall out of our lives right now, it is a phase of pristine alignment, we could call it “make it or break it season”. We are making it or breaking it with connections as not everyone is coming into the next season and that’s okay! We don’t need to hold on or demonize people for leaving or us leaving, we need to find our true pristine soul-aligned connections, mentors, friends, clients and understand lessons learned from previous ones. There will be fallout at this time and it may feel unstable and shaky as we move through some dense emotions.

This is an opportunity to respond differently to situations than we have before. It feels like an opportunity for dissolving actual timelines of trauma response and frenzy energies where we would internalize misaligned beliefs about ourselves. We should focus on owning our pain, shortcomings and fears at this time while standing so clearly and closely with God’s love and truth about who we are and where we are going. 

There is immense change… this is our make-it-or-break-it era.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.