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When We’re Sick of Trying to Fix Problems Only God can Solve

Do not walk through life in fear, walk with confidence that the Holy Spirit is leading you. 

When we perceive everything through a lens of fear it shows that our God wound is still very pervasive and that we don’t trust Jesus or God’s plan for our life and thus give undeserved power to demonic projections trying to pull us off of our timeline. 

When we choose confidence based on the Spirit of Christ, it’s like an internal compass that will never lead us astray.

If I have any regret, it’s the times I wallowed in the purgatory of my own fear for too long. My fear that I would discover that I wasn’t worthy, good enough or loveable enough and while I had moments of feeling that lie weigh heavily on my heart, a renewal of guidance, faith, choice points and a new opportunity to change it all around would arise as I reached back out for Jesus. 

Fear is a doorway for spirits of condemnation and oppression to hold us hostage and Jesus was very clear when he said as a commandment, “Do Not Fear”. Obviously, we are human and we will, but how long we stay in that prison is a choice. We can in this moment call out and ask Jesus to show us the way and stop trying to fix it on our own and will it on our own because God’s Grace is the only way at this point – when we are sick of trying to fix problems only God can solve we will surrender.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.