Marilyn Monroe: Pastel Pink Arcturian Priestess Grail Queen

It’s very clear that Marilyn Monroe was/is special. 

She has a light that comes off of her that makes her both endlessly fascinating as well as otherworldly and magnetic. This light was actually responsible for why she was not only the most photographed woman alive but the most famous. Her light spread like fire in the 50s even though producers and directors told her she was not photogenic and didn’t have what it took to be a ‘real’ actress. She had the most fan mail, literally truckloads coming into the studio, people pouring out so much love and adoration for her. They tried to box her in as a dumb blonde/sex symbol and stifle her and she tried desperately to break free from it. 

It’s very clear that it wasn’t just her physical beauty that made her so popular, it was her essence, her frequency, her soul, her light. There is a much deeper story behind her that was and still is hidden from the public.

Phoenix Rising Lions Gate: Ascending into the Deliverance Timeline

For 3 and half years, the message coming through this channel to those Angels and Starseeds who heard the trumpets sound the call of the Return has been to follow the footsteps of the lamb, choose God over worldly power and be willing to suffer in the truth while holding that light for others until the promise of the covenant would be fulfilled and Righteousness and Divine Justice returned to our fallen world. This Lion’s Gate marks the end of this cycle of prophecy and the beginning of an entirely new revelation.  

As the 144k Tree of Life Template activates the magnetism of our creational energies is going to skyrocket, thus initiating the machinations of ascension itself.

We are so blessed to have made it this far and for those of you whose hearts have grown weary from this war, we’re almost there, don’t give up and don’t miss this one y’all.

Sirian Portal Gateway: The Christ Seed & Azurite Template

We were inspired to create this webinar due to profound revelations regarding what is about to happen through the upcoming Sirian Portal. We’ve felt this energy building for weeks and finally, it was revealed to us what’s actually going on.

The 2023 Sirian Portal will facilitate one of the most powerful influxes of light we have ever experienced on this planet.

Many people don’t know this, but the Christ Oversoul actually projects through Sirius when it incarnates on the Earth and what is occurring during this portal is exactly what happened 2000 years ago when Jesus’ Soul and the Azurite Template (12 Disciples) descended through Sirius at the beginning of his ministry.  

What is occurring during this portal is so massive because it marks the beginning of The Return.

Clearing Hybridization and Reptilian Ownership of Sophia Grail Lines

This will involve an 80-minute Transmission on the histories of hybridization, breeding programs and Sophia/Archonic forced relationships and Soul Ties, followed by 60 minutes of Grid Work and activation to include:

Clearing false twin flame and points of attraction to the corrupted masculine. Clearing AI and doing a full sweep of false light programs around being “good” and “nice” instead of who we truly are as feminine leaders. Healing internal masculine Christ energy (King Arthur Ruby Grail Line mutations – this also involves Joseph of Arimathea and chalice codes). Returning the Cosmic Mother Dragon parts of Merida. Healing Ruby Sophia Grail Line distortions connected to White Buffalo Woman and the Solar Christ Mary. Processing reptilian implants and signatures of ownership. Reclaiming Christ and sovereignty and more!

Call to the Ready : Aligning to the Solar Light of Christ

4 years ago, we channelled a prophetic message which spoke of a time to come, wherein a serious Timeline Bifurcation would commence. That Time Is Now. Never before has it been more vital to be attuned to the True Divine Logos.

As massive unfoldments on the world stage are being set into motion, the gravity of Soul Choice Points has never been higher. The overall timeline for Angelic and Starseed alignment to the Great Plan is up to the individual. 

Suffering ends when we choose Christ. For the ones who are done with cycling, this powerful Lightbody Activation and Transmission will prepare you to make this shift now and support you at a multidimensional level to do so. 


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The Christ Logos

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.