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Stand Up For Yourself

The energy right now is calling for us to stand up for ourselves. 

This doesn’t mean we have to argue with anyone or prove anything. It’s a reclamation of Divine Power, our God-given right to truly stand for who we are in the face of projection, ridicule and lies. 

This can be in a spiritual ritual we do with God in private or where we speak our truth publicly and get support. It’s a way of bringing light to any shame or internalized poison we have unintentionally digested about how we feel and/or think about ourselves. This can be from a cycle or pattern where we have gone into the fawn response or felt too afraid to authentically respond. 

This way of being overly humble, agreeable and nice when directness, boundaries and self-honor were called for has been a fundamental way we’ve given our power away. 

Feeling powerless can lead to anger and resentment which is very painful to hold long term. Reclaiming our power and knowing all true reclamation of God-given power starts with the desire to stand for our truth instead of putting it on the back burner is step one in a powerful new timeline where the foundation is based on an alignment to our values and allows more reflection of that in our lives.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.