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Masculine Melchizedek Dragon Guardianship

Yesterday, I made a post about unmet needs correlating to timelines of breeding programs that created an ongoing toxic rage miasma within the feminine and continuing hormonal issues. 

After this painful processing experience, something incredible began pouring as I was working in the fields that I knew was a part of the healing for all of us. 

I saw a sleeping emerald dragon with metallic rainbow skin named Ezekiel, he was embodied but slightly in stasis. As I moved towards him energetically to let him know I was there, he started waking up. He was connected to the field of a friend of mine I was talking with at the moment. I and him began telepathically communicating and he was asking me if he could guard my friend’s womb – that’s why he was there. I asked her if she wanted him to and she said yes. He wanted to bring an emerald staff to anchor into the earth in front of her field and was asking for consent. 

He showed me tons of male guardian dragons in the 2nd-dimensional fields right now that are assigned to the womb portal/sacral of Sophianic Women at this time to support Sophia Resurrection in mass. To finally take a stand against the archonic, antiChrist rape, torture, siphoning,  interfacing systems, trauma and implants constantly targeting the womb and sexual organs to keep reptilian ownership tags instead of sovereignty. 

So this was the next part for me as well, to allow my own Melchizedek Dragon to help restore masculine guardianship and support while I heal so I can safely go through this process of reclaiming the Female God Principle within all the layers of my body and consciousness. 

It felt so amazing to witness them all so eager to support and directly assigned by Source to act as a buffer and gate guardian for this ongoing layered process. 

So if you feel ignited by this or resonant then you can tap into this as well, feeling and consenting to this support. The staffs they’re building in front of us act as a frequency generator to shield mutations from trying to plug in or hook-in in any way. 

Of course, this also means our own responsibility with who we allow into this space and the willingness to look and process what is already there. As I said too, this process is layered so as we restore the womb chakra we feel safe and sealed up more. 

My dragon has peach and plum tones, he loves the womb of the feminine and cares so deeply about the honoring of its sacredness. It feels so good to have him warmly and strongly protecting me. It’s also so cool to see masculine polarity dragons who are mastery levels of sophianic womb healing. I notice with him around me the stronger I’m able to feel held while experiencing some of the previous breeding program trauma and unmet need wounding. 

I hope this helps

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.