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During the solstice portal of June, the Christ Oversoul finally anchored into the earth

This cleared massive amounts of archonic phantom fields and anti-christ strongholds, especially on the Divine Union Timelines. These mutations, alien machinery and weaponry trying to keep us severed from this Divine Blueprint internally were not even supposed to be there anymore from all the clearing done previously to make way for the Unions to come together. Unfortunately, due to the lash back and accumulation of unprocessed debris and miasma that were still being captured and pushed back into the collective, they had managed to block the Christ-Sophia Returns for slightly longer.

Incredibly and miraculously, the main Grail Line Holders were able to push through and lead the way for the others holding this Christ-Sophia Signature to restore these Timelines through the Solstice. 

The Cosmic Christ overrode a lot of blockages and generated a Miracle Field that pushed us through a doorway of light. I know people say a lot of things during energetic peaks but this message and vision was so powerful and so full of emotion that I was literally enveloped in ecstasy feeling it occurring. I then went on to experience some of the most incredible change I’ve ever felt in my life on a soul level. 

During this summer, I feel we will see the outcomes and physical manifestations that have seemed to be blocked for a long time. Essentially, many who have been held in limbo will see a resurgence of God’s Promise in their life. Of course, all of this is on God’s time and within the alignment of our own Avatar (higher self) but I feel summer as the Christ Oversoul runs these corrections.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.