Suggestions for Navigating the Spiritual Community

Suggestions for Navigating the Spiritual Community Honestly and Within Right Relationship to the Divine, Pitfalls and Consciousness Traps. 

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1) God’s Voice Above All Else

In order to receive genuine, soul-activating truth, we must check in and listen to the internal voice of God above all other leaders, teachers, gurus, religions belief systems or opinions. 

If someone else’s voice is leading our internal compass we simply do not have authentic sovereignty and can be led astray, enticed into paying a large sum of money, or sign a contract that will turn into a very big lesson/ loss. We can be pitted against each other easily when trigger is present. We can be eager to blame to ease pain and shame when we aren’t even in tune with our own internal Christ Light or listening to our own soul. This is the main initiation of awakening Souls and Starseeds/Angelics. Deciphering truth from lies is an entire Goliath that we all must face on a fallen planet with thousands of consciousness traps. Listen to your internal voice of God and use it as a filtration system to distinguish truth from lies with constant intention.  

2) Manipulative Spirits

Manipulative Spirits want to cause separation and chaos above all. 

If they can fracture you from Soul Family, aligned connections or information you’re meant to receive by inciting fear through your unhealed wounds or blind spots, if they can get you to stop standing up for the truth or villainize another if they can silence or separate you then they feel like they’ve won. 

Make sure you can tell the difference between your intuition and your fear. This takes work, devotion and internal listening with deep care and reverence for your true path.

Understand that we are in a massive spiritual battle and war over the consciousness/ Soul of every person. We are simultaneously being deceived by manipulative spirits while also being led by Christ and we absolutely can tell the difference if we are actually willing to know and face it. There are many legions of demons and aspects of fallen consciousness that have different war tactics. Be clear that you are not being used as a portal for the occult to wage war and separation. Also, be clear that dark attack is in response to the level of purity and truth being expressed in that space. Again, nobody can give anyone the exact tools on how to decipher this, only you know deep down. I suggest calling in the spirit of Christ to filter these things as it is the most effective way we have been given by God since it is the Original Son of God. 

3) Dark Attack/Persecution 

If there is a powerful response of persecution or dark attack around a group you’re in, a course you’ve joined or teachings you’re listening to, its either because you’re aligning to a false belief that’s inviting fallen consciousness to attack you and get into your field or there is very powerful truth in it that’s angering dark forces promoting you to seal your Lightbody and level up by recognizing the intense lash back. 

Figuring this out comes down to listening to God’s Voice and your internal intuition above all else – This will guide you to either keep going and go through the initiation of overcoming dark attack or to reorient your devotion back to God to be led elsewhere. This is an internal choice that is solely up to you and God. Dark attack happens for many reasons, mainly through Christ-based teachings. That is number 1. 

Christ- Sophia-based teachings enrage dark forces because they lose loosh and human portals they used to control. When we align to the Divine Authority of our creator, we reclaim our sovereignty and help others to as well. This can cause a lot of lash back and black magic to be thrown in our direction but it also comes with the ability to level up through learning how to respond to demonic attacks and overcome them. 

Being persecuted usually comes with being connected to the true Light of Creation. 

As demonic networks collapse and we regain our grids/star gates etc, we go through the ins and outs of understanding evil and what triggers them to try and harm us. 

When we are simply on the wrong track and following deficient spiritual information or in a service-to-self mentality, forces will try to merge and link up with our field to empower parts of our ego that God wants to dissolve. When asking God within your being for the truth around which is true you will be guided in your next steps instead of manipulated by forces to be pulled off track into other timelines for their benefit.

4) Integrity and Accountability 

I always say that there wouldn’t be such a big market for spiritual narcissists if there wasn’t such a high demand for them in the community. 

This does not mean that being completely deceived or surprised by betrayal with someone you choose to follow or give recourses to is all your fault, it may be a necessary lesson for your own soul to be able to discern and recognize energetic signatures better. We can all be blindsided in our connections and who we give trust to. 

Many people unconsciously want someone to put on a pedestal only to villanize them later with the ongoing cycle of the swinging pendulum where they get to blame someone else for their point of resonance and unconscious wounding over and over. 

Be sure to (as pristinely as possible) hold integrity and responsibility around your choices, who you listen to and why. If you do this, you will save yourself a lot of pain and overcome purgatory fields of constantly needing to stay in a reality where you are left feeling isolated with broken trust. If you see others as not above you, and as fallible human beings you will be able to gauge the worst-case scenario and protect yourself better. 

If you’ve recently gone through regret around an investment or a set of teachings you implemented that don’t work, make sure you take time to recalibrate, take responsibility and hold them accountable fairly with honest communication around impact, be willing to cut ties and forgive knowing you’re not a match and move forward or try to make an agreement that works best for everyone. Of course, if this is a severe trespass on their part towards you that was highly damaging you can also feel deeper into how to manage the situation and how much you may need to stand up for yourself. At the end of the day, we all give trust, we all want to see the best in others and we all want breakthroughs. If rule #1 (God’s Voice above all others) is followed well, it will give you guidance on how to proceed which could be more intense or less. Always remember that your investment should always be in yourself and not in someone else fixing you or giving you a magic pill to feel better. We live and we learn. Learn the lesson and move forward with deep care for your own energy. 

5) The Pedestal is a very Slippery Slope 

Every person admires someone. 

It’s a beautiful feeling to admire another and see their life and want to emulate it to get similar results or see their essence as similar to us. We may admire someone so much that we can’t help but see them as a perfect person or above us in some way as well, but we have to remember to humanize others no matter how high up we put them in our minds. 

With humanity comes empathy and reasonable expectations. 

This means that we can see someone in a high light while also understanding that they will make mistakes, be fallible and show weakness sometimes. Nobody is made out of steel and nobody is above the reality of their innate imperfections. If we begin looking at others this way, we can prepare ourselves for disappointment and even surprise when something is revealed about them that totally shatters our image of them or makes us put off of them for good. There are different levels to this, therefore, we should always establish our humanity and theirs as equal when we decide to look up to them. By doing this, we will not be blinded by extreme red flags or obvious pathologies that may show up. We will also be ready to forgive them if their flaws are forgivable and resonant with our own. 

The pedestal and the villain can be one step away from the other. 

If we unfairly villanize someone who is obviously flawed and yet powerful for understandable reasons, we rob them and ourselves of empathy and humanity which is not a good cycle to attach ourselves to. 

6) Redemption is God’s Gift

No matter how confusing, distorted or off-putting someone may end up being, we should not look at anyone as beyond God’s Redemption and Rehabilitation. 

All beings are capable of being redeemed through God’s Unconditional Love and Promise to humanity. If we look at others as beyond redemption we become the Spiritual Judge and Jury instead of God and take up a place we don’t have the merit or full scope of understanding to take.

Btw, I’m not talking about sexual/child predators, money launderers, Satanists posing as benevolent spiritual leaders, or overt psychopaths that exploit and harm others with little to no repercussions. Yes, even they can turn their hearts back to God truly, but there is an extreme when it comes to someone posing as something they are not on every level and overtly deceiving/hurting ignorant unsuspecting people. To say that we are responsible for everything another would be a gaslight and harmful to the soul of every person.

We can see others in the light of potentially being redeemed through their own free will choice and also as predatory if we know that they are complete charlatans and liars that seek to cause harm for their own gain. Again, discernment and conversations with God and our Internal Spirit is pertinent and vital before making these decisions or making anything public. Some people are just plain evil, sick, twisted and void of accountability to the bitter end.

Watch the movie “ The Revenant” to understand that justice is in the hands of the creator – we can be used as the hands of Divine Justice in this realm but if we are blinded by our own hurts we can start a war that we may not have the spiritual strength to finish. I say all of this with deep care for everyone who is up against an evil force or stuck in a situation where everything seems to be against us. 

7) Liars and Grifters

Some people just look shiny and entrancing – don’t be a bug that burns itself in the light that’s actually a hot unforgiving fire. 

Enticing and manipulative aspects of Spiritual Grifters include cool spiritual outfits, extreme wealth and embellished lifestyles, tones of voices, loving words, promises, quick fixes, divine unions and twin flame couples, heavenly channeling, ridiculous prices for sessions and courses, incredible crystals and jewelry with intoxicating words and beautiful delusions being sold as snake oil, cult-like communities and reviews that claim they changed their lives. 

It’s a scary concept but it’s very real. Imagine any normal person that looks at spiritual brands and the success of so-called, “twin flame unions” online and then gets the idea to emulate this idea and usurp spiritual concepts to generate power and money with zero care for others. Imagine how many people that are in full service to self and Luciferian false-light ideologies that can easily pretend or claim high spiritual status through layers of manipulative websites and beautiful social media representations – with the right voice, words and outfits that can absolutely influence wounded, unsuspecting people into years of financial and energetic maneuvering until they bleed them dry. 

A huge part of our initiation is to identify this signature in a person’s aura and also look within to the part of us that wants to give in to the hype. If we do end up in a misery cycle with teachers like this, it is because we often need to learn the difference between someone who represents God and someone that represents the counterfeit version. We also need to work on our own pathologies and our own corruptions around entitlement and power. We are not entitled but we are worthy in God’s eyes of living our destiny. While our destiny may not match up to the deceptions we see online, we cannot compare ourselves. Those of us in service walk the path God has laid out for us and it’s very challenging at times. 

8) Victim Consciousness Truth 

We live on a fallen planet and we are not free until all of us are free. 

Our inner victim needs to be claimed before it is able to dissolve over time. 

To say that we are not victims of extreme atrocity through the timelines and Galactic History would be very unfair just as to say that we have to stay in that space is also unfair. Process the betrayals, and the hurts and claim and overcome them organically. 

Our pain is sacred – it matters to God. 

It’s important that we see it this way. Nobody said life here would be easy, however, the real victims are the children stuck in satanic pedophile networks. We are doing a lot of this work for the innocent that are voiceless and need representation. Just because another’s pain is much worse does not mean ours does not matter, it’s just important that we see opportunities to grow and strengthen rather than wallow in our own purgatory when God has given us ample support to rise. 

I feel if the process of victimhood and the timelines around this tyranny are overlooked and we put a shaming, victim spiritual teaching over it then how can we even overcome the template itself? Things need to be taken into account within reason and balance and eventually, we will see ourselves wiser and more capable of understanding the power that we do hold which comes from aligning to God’s Will for all. 

I hope this helps 

(Part 2 Coming Soon) 

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Hey love! I’m Emily, Oracle of Sophia, Multidimensional Visual/Clairvoyant, Healer and Field Worker and I’m so happy you’ve found this post.

Through works such as this, I am able to fulfill my mission to support the resurrection of the true Feminine Christ (aka the many Sophia Grail Lines) on the planet to activate, embody and express the full spectrum of their Multidimensional Miracle Potential.

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Let's Chat!

Hey love! I’m Emily, Oracle of Sophia, Multidimensional Visual/Clairvoyant, Healer and Field Worker and I’m so happy you’ve found this post.

Through works such as this, I am able to fulfill my mission to support the resurrection of the true Feminine Christ (aka the many Sophia Grail Lines) on the planet to activate, embody and express the full spectrum of their Multidimensional Miracle Potential.

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you are one of the 144,000 Angels coded to serve the Christ Sophia Logos and build God’s Kingdom on this earth and I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you more.


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