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The Christ Seed & Azurite Template

We were inspired to create this webinar due to profound revelations regarding what is about to happen through the upcoming Sirian Portal. We’ve felt this energy building for weeks and finally, it was revealed to us what’s actually going on.

The 2023 Sirian Portal will facilitate one of the most powerful influxes of light we have ever experienced on this planet

Many people don’t know this, but the Christ Oversoul actually projects through Sirius when it incarnates on the Earth and what is occurring during this portal is exactly what happened 2000 years ago when Jesus’ Soul and the Azurite Template (12 Disciples) descended through Sirius at the beginning of his ministry.  

What is occurring during this portal is so massive because it marks the beginning of The Return.  

We have all been receiving downloads and connecting to the logos stronger than ever over the last 4 years, but now, the actual Christ Light is beginning to anchor into the world.  

As the Christ seed anchors through this portal, we will begin to see the regeneration of the Tree of Life as it relates to our Gaian Torus. As the seed is nurtured in the Christ Sophia Union, it will begin to grow, and as it grows, the 144,000 will be grafted into it through the Seal of God.

Every soul which turns back to God and onto this true New Earth Timeline will then synergize with this Spiritual Technology and contribute their light, enhancing the authentic light quotient on the planet. 

Jesus told us…

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16 “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture” John 3:17

Over the next 3 and a half years, we are going to witness something that feels like a miracle

So many souls are going to begin coming together under the true Logos and in the name of our shared 144k Mission Blueprint, and they will begin to build God’s New Earth System – a complex, full spectrum, exit strategy from every matrix stranglehold as a sovereign, fully independent Kingdom.

During the webinar, we’re going to reveal deeper knowledge around what all of this means, as well as how to gracefully align to these new and miraculous energies.

Activation & Grid Work

Grid work will be at the 6th Stargate with Sirian Councils going into the Silk Road through the Middle East where Jesus learned and developed his avatar fully.

This will also include Blue Flame Melchizedek / Jesus Timeline information and visions from this time as well as the following:

  • Disciples of Christ- Sapphire Azurite – Sirian Template Healing and Correction 
  • Magdalene as the 13th Disciple will help bring memories and information around the Jesus- Magdalene Timeline as well as the Sophianic Sapphire Template 
  • 6th Stargate Giza Egypt (Sirian Portal) Activation
  • Egyptian Timeline Christ Heart Clearing 
  • Healing war/massacre timelines around the Azurites/Sophianic Temples 
  • Returning Sirian Blue Ray aspects of Jesus’ body and 6D Strand of DNA healing
  • Communing with Sirian Guardian Councils aligning to true Divine Justice
  • Transmission around healing and atoning karmic overlays
  • You will receive realignment to your Sirian Starseed Blueprint
  • Lots of pineal gland and 6th chakra activations
  • Right-wing healing (masculine crucifixion) 
  • The Organic Azurite-Oraphim Template helping your Angelic Lightbody 
  • We will retrieve lots of body parts, elementals, jewels and DNA out of dark grids and war timelines that will help rebuild the Body of Christ 
  • Support the collective in anchoring the Christ Oversoul 
  • Divine Justice downloads as we link up with the Sirian Councils who’s mission is 
  • sealing dark portals 
  • Clearing enki/annunaki genetics

We will also be working within the pyramid of Giza energetically for this work, so Egyptian timeline clearing will occur through the heart. This will support your Lightbody immensely in various ways as well as clear all sorts of fallen and/or inorganic energies.

We would love to have you if you feel called 

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