Clearing Hybridization and Reptilian Ownership of 

Sophia Grail Lines

This will involve an 80 minute Transmission on the histories of hybridization, breeding programs and Sophia/Archonic forced relationships and Soul Ties, followed by 60 minutes of Grid Work & Activation

Grid Work and Activation Will Include: 

  • Clearing false twin flame and points of attraction to the corrupted masculine
  • Clearing AI and doing a full sweep of false light programs around being “good” and “nice” instead of who we truly are as feminine leaders
  • Reminding us of our power and the courage it takes to be who we are in this time
  • Healing internal masculine Christ energy (King Arthur Ruby Grail Line mutations - this also involves Joseph of Arimathea and chalice codes)
  • Healing Ruby Diamond Sun DNA template with White Buffalo Woman via New Mexico, Mojave, Avalon and Egypt
  • Processing and clearing forced breeding programs within our past timelines
  • Healing cervical trauma around astral torture
  • Clearing cloning and hybridization programs of the Solar Sophia genetics
  • Returning the Cosmic Mother Dragon parts of Merida
  • Lighting up cathedrals and temples in various areas, especially Egypt to support the return of the Sophia Dragons and reclaiming original Diamond Architecture
  • Healing Ruby Sophia Grail Line distortions connected to White Buffalo Woman and the Solar Christ Mary
  • Processing reptilian implants and signatures of ownership.
  • Reclaiming Christ and sovereignty
  • Solstice portal integration and more!

Miracles Under

The Christ Logos

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© 2014 - 2023 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.