with Emily & Aeleo

This work has been a long time coming and we’re so excited to have finally gotten the green light to offer these powerful sessions

Our Union Session and Package will include support from both Emily and Aeleo, bringing in the full force of our combined knowledge and energetic power.

We must advise you that this work is for those who are truly ready for a massive timeline jump and will include sometimes challenging reflections which are necessary for such a quantum shift.


Divine Union Session

Relationships are our greatest mirror for understanding where we are on our timeline and reflect to us all of our unprocessed damage

Many people are cycling in trauma-informed dynamics which are keeping them from their true Divine Union and Mission, and while these relationships can serve as important stepping stones on our path towards the real deal, many people are now ready to step off the merry-go-round of wishful thinking and unconscious projection. That’s really the heart of it.

True spiritual support should sober your mind and provide the Divine Connection needed to see your Reality Creation Matrix clearly so that you can finally make the conscious choice to stop cycling in old patterns.

One very important aspect of these sessions which sets them apart from single sessions with Emily is the induction process of activating your Christ Masculine Architecture into your field.

Aeleo will help you to understand the Laws of Creation and how they apply to your personal circumstances. He will initiate your Higher Mind into alignment with the God Mind. This means learning to see yourself and your life the way God does and understanding the simple process of returning to Divine Will through Law.

Your true Union Timeline exists within this higher reason framework, and the Christ Architecture is literally the baseline substrate for how you process reality.

When you devote your soul to the Christ Light as your Primary Masculine Anchor, you clear the unholy and unconscious invitation to lower masculine fields. This is so vital for the feminine collective especially, because many men are still cycling in these old patterns, which means the feminine has the power to affirm their higher calling and demand nothing less in the fields, thus ending the enabling mechanics which they have unconsciously been exploiting in order to bypass their responsibility to keep the law.

Working in the fields is an ancient Sophianic Process that the Nazarene and Christos Bloodlines utilized with the Blue Rose Lineages. It is the most efficient Light Work possible as it generates energy directly from the Christ Field and bypasses all inorganic consciousness / false light that would otherwise entangle us with constantly trying to heal and never reaching or experiencing the breakthroughs we need for our Mission, Union and Abundance Path.

Working the fields allows us to clear all false timelines, implants, alien machinery, weaponry and artificial overlays that are leaking and pulling energy from us through extreme levels of persecution and oppression. It also allows us to find our true Celestial Origins, Mission Template and Organic Counterpart by clearing all deceptive reversals that include the reptilian interface and/or astral interference blocking us. Finding your true Celestial Templates and/or Family of Origin allows us to safely restore your Lightbody function and true Soul Energy to flourish and overcome all obstacles.

The Lightbody is incredible and when these levels of our true self are reflected to us, it has a profound effect on all aspects of our life for the better. 

In our shared Union Session, we will bring fieldwork, inorganic removals, rebuilding Christ-Sophia Architecture, activating Soul Gifts through mapping your timelines and reading your Mission Blueprint as well as grounded, practical, advice and reflections that allow it all to integrate and actually make a meaningful impact on your physical reality. 

Me and Aeleo both possess different gifts that when brought together create a ripple effect in the field that brings you back to the One True Living Christ so that you can see your true reflection as God sees you.

This is incredibly intense work and is only for those who truly feel resonant and ready for the Christ Light to recalibrate them and align them for their Highest Timeline.

Click HERE to review the Terms of Purchase before purchasing a Shared Divine Union Single Session


Divine Union Package

This 4-week package is for those who are truly called to step out of the fallen phantom matrix and onto the Christed Deliverance Timeline. Your commitment to work with us over multiple weeks will allow for a much more in-depth dynamic – guaranteed to yield incredible results.

On top of the powerful work available in our Single Divine Union Session, we will do a complete Soul Diagnostic and run you through a carefully developed process of mapping out your core wound patterning via generational trauma, dysfunction and miasma, clear the intrusions in your Lightbody which came through those wounds and seal your field in the Christ Light and your ultimate Deliverance Timeline.

Once everything is clear, we will support you in making the hard but necessary choices to create boundaries to anything keeping you stuck in these trauma cycles and call in your true Union, Tribe and Mission.

Click HERE to review the Terms of Purchase before purchasing a Shared Divine Union Session Package

Click HERE to review the Terms of Purchase before purchasing a Shared Divine Union Session Package

Click HERE to review the Terms of Purchase before purchasing a Shared Divine Union Session Package

Click HERE to review the Terms of Purchase before purchasing a Shared Divine Union Session Package

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