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Mary Magdalene Sophia Grail Lines and the Loss of the Christ Wound Being Processed into the Resurrection Within

Many women carry the loss of Christ in their field. This is a common wound shared with the Original Grail Queen Mary and her descendants. 

When I trace it back and we clear, it’s like a famine field or a deserted plane of consciousness filled with painful memories of when men went off to war and women fended for themselves. This all translates into an absent masculine or broken masculine energy within her field and keeps her wrapped into timelines where that wound is constantly mirrored through the masculine she tries to have a relationship with. 

It’s a very torturous wound because it makes her feel hopeless and as if this kind of Union with the Christ Masculine does not exist here. On top of that, there is usually a lot of crucifixion trauma that feels like her wings are nailed down. 

When we map this out, we see that she has not gone through the Christ Return or Resurrection and is lost in the false twin matrix or looping with reptilian genetic males that are wanting to just harvest from her womb. 

She has to make a decision to stop feeding the archonic masculine and claim her internal Christ Masculine Signature. 

This will begin a massive correction in her Lightbody, especially within the Albion Body in the UK where her Emerald Templates return and she rediscovers the Christ is risen and allows this to rise through the right side of her body starting with the right leg. This clears discordant energies and electrostatic interference where she hasn’t been able to step forward in Union with Christ. The Golden Solar Christ Body along with the Emerald Albion Body will dispensate incredible love and safety to her to continue forward and experience this new timeline of the resurrection. 

This opens up so many new possibilities within her own gifts and potential for her future and returns hope and faith in her genetic equals return. She will usually also have a deep experience with Magdalene’s support around processing the immense grief of the original loss and help pivot out of this cycle of energy. I feel archonic anti christ have been feeding on this and setting up major road blocks to keep us in this grief and broken faith. Through this process I’ve been able to retrieve my entire scope of who and what Christ is and how I orient to it within my field. This has taught me what real unconditional love is and of course blessed me with my physical union.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.