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Medical Intuitive and Angelic Divine Logos Attunement Certification

~ Self Study ~

Now that the Angelic 144 collective blueprint is anchored to this dimension, instructions are coming through for how to quickly resolve earthly wounds, heal physical disease and fully integrate to our personal Angelic Archetypal Template

The Angelic body lives in a perpetual state of euphoric wellness. Where we come from, there is no illness, no disease, no suffering.

Our Angelic selves are also fully aligned and attuned to God and the Divine Will, no fractures, no dissociated aspects, only pure innocent union with the Holy Spirit.

What occurred on the “Time Is Now” webinar marks the beginning of something incredibly Sacred as we will now witness incarnate Angels begin to fully embody the truth of who they are and ultimately anchoring Heaven on Earth as a result.

This was always the Divine Plan. 

Send the Angelic Management System to the Earth to set up His Kingdom so that all human souls have the ability, if they choose so, to come home.

God has kept us hidden, even small, waiting for the perfect time, just before the end, to breathe life into us, to wake us up and the Time Is Now

Over the next months and years we will witness miracle healings in the Earthly Angelic community and the teachings that we will be sharing on this course that we recently received,  are directly designed to facilitate this Holy Process.

Our physical issues almost always have their root in the spiritual, in this course, we will help you learn to listen to your body and map out what your pain is communicating.

Ultimately, our bodily suffering is a direct result of a damaged relationship to God at a quantum/cellular level.  This is the real reason Angels in Heaven have no disease. Our work is to see our physical suffering as a symptom of this misalignment so that we can heal ourselves at the root, seal any leaks in our field and reintegrate our true Angelic patterning into our physical body.

We are about to witness Angels on this planet re-merge with the Holy Spirit and anchor a vibratory heaven on the earth. That’s really what this is about.

As we discover the true nature of our physical/spiritual wounds, we will teach you how to call upon the Holy Spirit for immediate energetic healing.  (Another word for the Holy Spirit which is helpful for many is Galactic Reiki)

Ultimately, the more we realize our direct and intimate connection with God, the easier it becomes to release our pain and allow the Holy Spirit to move through our bodies.

This work is about remembering that we share a soul with God, that God’s Holy Spirit is what animates our Soul, and thus, is our healing and redemption.

So many Angels are walking this earth in physical pain, misunderstanding its origin and missing out on the beautiful truth of our eternal victory over suffering.

Our bodies are walking miracles and we were not made for suffering. 

Now is the time for God’s Angels to Remember and Rise.

As the Angelic 144k Blueprint activates on the Earth, all beings will have the opportunity to align to it.

Every human soul has a direct archetypal connection to the collective, Angelic Body and so facilitating this process will resolve damaged DNA and activate the True Self through alignment with the Logos.

This is the way that God designed this Ascension process and is the only way it could actually work.

The Angelic Body actualizes through the incarnate Angels which anchors the Heavenly Template onto the earth and this Energetic Signature emanates outwards allowing for any Souls who feel called, to align to the Organic Divine Logos, or Tree of Life. 

This is the way it’s always been.

Any healthy and thriving world is healthy only because it is aligned to the Angelic Matrix.

Wherever there is disease or suffering, there is also a damaged connection to this Original Logos. As above so below and so it is in our world that it must go this way.

A Word on the difference between Traditional Reiki

and Galactic Reiki/Holy Spirit Transmissions

As many of you know, Reiki is a familiar and widely known spiritual practice. It is universally accepted and promoted not just in the spiritual community but in various self-help guru books and presentations.

The definition used by most is the idea of bringing energy from the Universe through ourselves to another and helping them heal/rebalance their body and chakras – which sounds perfectly innocent and helpful but is deep down much more insidious and misrepresented whether or not the person using it or receiving it has that awareness.

Unfortunately, like all other spiritual practices that have been mainstreamed and taken over it has not been sourced correctly and has, over time, become watered down and blatantly corrupted which in turn has made it dangerous.

The Reiki being taught is actually coming from the False Ascension Matrix or reversal 5th dimension. Similar to a spider’s web, it is a sticky, white and sharp false light that infiltrates the LightBody.

It can in turn cause entity infiltration, health issues, mental health issues, dark attack, stagnation, major blocks, a worsening and increase in ailments after feeling better, an addiction to energy work and never feeling better, dissociation, anxiety, spiritual trauma, tears/rips in the light body and many more unfortunate side effects.

I’ve heard it all and have seen it all in terms of what false light reiki does to people, how it sticks to people, how it needs to be removed at a cellular and DNA level and how much better they feel after clearing it.

I’m able to trace a lot of their current issues to a past reiki session or false light/light body activation from someone working with it.

The best way to understand it is to know it is similar to putting a bandaid on a bullet wound and that bandaid isn’t fresh so not only does it cause infection but it can’t heal an actual wound because it doesn’t touch the core of the issue.

A good reiki should warm us up to feel better and shift us to an angelic love frequency that actually heals us and others, not just a false high to come down from and more issues.

The good news is that there is a real form of reiki called Galactic Reiki.  This is the organic, authentic reiki God intended for us to discover and use!

To give you a little bit of understanding (there will be a much more in-depth discussion on this throughout the course) Organic Reiki comes from 10/11D and is birthed from a Fire Star LYRAN template. It is…..

  • Literally made out of star fire energy and was intended to warm up and heal diseased patterning in the body/soul.
  • An aspect of SOPHIA, the Holy Spirit and Feminine Christ Frequency.
  • Intended to heal at a core level.
  • Intended to quantum shift the body template to incredible levels of vitality and health
  • So high in frequency that it can burn out layers of old energy
  • Specifically designed for angels and starseeds in this dimension to offer their healing work to others….and so much more

This course is a training and certification program   

You will leave certified to assist others in your community through this process of reconnecting their being to the Divine Logos and the newly anchored Angelic Blueprint through mastery level Soul Diagnosis (tracing physical issues to the spiritual root cause) and Pure, Holy Spirit Baptisms via Galactic Reiki Transmissions.

We will teach how to:

Discover the spiritual root of your

physical pain

Call upon the Holy Spirit (Galactic Reiki) in order to breathe life into dark areas of your being

Feel and integrate your Angelic Blueprint into your physical temple

Clear false light webbing and false reiki light body infection

Hold extremely high frequencies for quantum shifts

Heal others through safe and effective angelic process

Seal your light body and more!

To learn more about the Angelic Lightbody Technology we’ll be working with an ensure this course is right for you, we invite you to watch the following video:

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