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Soul Template Ascension Map

In the Higher Heavenly Realms, Jesus and Melchizedek designed a Soul Template layered into the Heart Field of each person that has a Map of our Highest Timeline on it and what we planned to do before we came here – it’s an Ascension Map with an ideal timeline. (Obviously, Free Will means there is no control here, just Gods’ influence) 

This Template is the pathway to our Pure Soul Energy that emanates its Authentic Frequency and Truth out into the world, co-creating this Highest Timeline Potential with God and leading the way. 

Through the Ascension Process, we bring our full Soul into our body. This process is incredibly intense and referred to as the Avatar Self or Higher Self Merge that begins when the Template in the Heart activates. It’s when the Higher Self has fully merged and collapsed the negative ego patterns we inherited here and ultimately blesses us with the Spiritual Capabilities that come from our Multidimensional-Self and as the Holy Spirit initiates our Soul Gifts to come online. 

Jesus and Melchizedek designed this Template with the Lyran Guardians and allowed people to Soul Contract with Source and generate ideas and loose agreements for their human lifetime as a Highest Support for humanity through Ascension and enslavement. 

Once this is on, as long as you align to God’s Will, the Template will align your Full Mission, Divine Union, Soul Tribe, Resources and even create on many levels different Soul Lessons and harder experiences for Soul Growth. 

The amazing thing is that Jesus and Melchizedek commune with each other and deeply consider our individual wants and needs with the Galactic Councils and we can communicate with them through this Template to help us when we feel lost or off our Timeline. 

I hope this helps!

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.