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God’s Intervention and Massive Collective Purge

God’s Intervention is rippling through the Grids and Timelines right now like never before. 

There is a massive defeat of evil going on right under our feet. 

Guardians are deep in the Earth clearing out MILAB, cloning, SRA, draconian/reptilian technologies, secret military space programs connected to the Moon, Saturn and Mars, and billionaire cities and dumbs are being cleaned and completely demolished. This is translating into grief processing and deep emotional releasing. 

Many fallen beings are deciding to rehabilitate while many are not. 

The cesspool and catacombs of the Vatican and the entire black hole system surrounding it are the last stand of the cabal in terms of pushback – their grids are behind ripped to shreds as the Soul Fragments of children from blood sacrifice are lifted out. 

Arthur, as the Return of the Christ is preparing for his Divine Counterpart to finish her spiritual healing so that they can merge through Hirogamic Union which will activate the different sacred land mass areas of the UK. 

We are experiencing a victory on the side of Christ that is astonishing. 

This does not mean this spiritual battle is over, but it’s being worked on day and night and we must pray, pray, pray and ask if there is anything they need us to do to help. If you feel called to do grid work or soul retrieval of all kinds (Angelic body parts, DNA,  Wings, Elementals etc) and feel confident in removing alien architecture and entities then you will be called to those areas energetically or physically right now. 

The guardians are calling us in for Joint Mission Projects to support this massive shift of mind control and AI networks they are in the process of dismantling. 

Big energy will be moving through this week and will result in an insane collective purge. 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.