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Sirian Stargate Portal Activating

The Sirian Stargate Portal above Giza is activating. The 3rd eye and sixth dimensional Chakra are opening. Huge flushing of calcification and stuck energies in the pineal for seeing the timelines (past and future) more clearly is occurring and we’re reaching clear visual downloads that feel relevant for personal and collective support. 

The electric blue tones of Sirius can be used to close dark portals as well – every time I use the Sirian Blue Light Spectrum and seal a dark portal it works so well! 

When the Sirians connect, you can feel a light tapping on the crown or water drop-like experiences from them. They can move energy through the different layers of the Lightbody, run implant removal if you ask and create trust and bond with them. 

As always, use discernment when communicating – no true guardian will need to get into your body or move into your body at any capacity. Their Light Communication Technologies come from source, not AI, so they’re always going to respect your personal space and be able to run light packets of information without interfacing!

Some will feel very activated today, while others will feel exhausted. 

God bless!

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.