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Purging Reptilian Genetics

There is massive upheaval occurring.

The Guardians let me know that we are purging reptilian genetics which correlates to core wounding around: trust, betrayal, unprocessed anger, intense triggers, past hurts that we fear to experience again and self-doubt. 

This can feel like a Dark Night of the Soul type experience. 

Reptilian genetics are very intense to burn through since they are looping patterns around feelings of injustice/violation and a deep lack of trust in letting go and allowing ourselves to receive love and help. This may feel like we want to control or protect ourselves or that we project the worst-case scenarios onto what’s happening around us. 

It feels like we are moving through it and I’m seeing amazing revelations coming from it and patterns clearing that have been heavy on us for a long time. Revelations can be moments where you see a truth that has been long suppressed or hidden and is now revealed at the perfect timing for your next steps. 

Be mindful that fallen energies will try and play on your mind and instead of allowing it, see your pain and shadow as sacred and important to witness and become intimate with these parts of yourself with the utmost compassion – this will flush interference with unconditional love which is our superpower in self-defence. 

I hope this helps.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.