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Ignoring Red Flags will Cost you Later

Ignoring the red flags because your want to see the good in people will cost you later 

This is one of the main psychic self-defence initiations. 

Do you trust the spirit of Christ that leads you? That has put an internal compass of perfect intuition in your Soul around who and what to allow close to you.

There are many parasitic, unbelievably stubborn and egoic people with ulterior agendas and motives that even they may be unaware of until they find a reason to turn on you because you triggered them. This always happens after you decide to let them in regardless of the gut feeling! 

When you meet these people, just know God is trying to work on them without you giving them an easy way out so they get to bypass their work and get your energy to prop them up! And that when you relate to these individuals out of guilt or bypassing a gut feeling and letting them in or close to what you’re doing, you will always live to regret this decision. The gut feeling and red flag indicates this person is not safe for you spiritually or emotionally and will cost you in some way.

The reversal empath uses their empathy without a strong filtration system. This is martyrdom programming. Be mindful of who you allow in on all levels or learn painful lessons around violation and energy harvesting. 

Demonic forces love using gaslighting around being compassionate and guilting the good-hearted spiritual person. Compassion without the filter of truth is the best way to attract a feeding frenzy of people unwilling to take responsibility for how they impact others. 

Authentic compassion and seeing the humanity in others will feel good and safe in your body when deciding if someone is energetically safe or just flawed but worth lending a hand to. 

I have gone through this lesson so many times that I feel a fuck no rising in me the second I feel that gut feeling, my whole Soul goes, “Nope, don’t need that lesson again!” I always feel so good trusting my body and saying, no! 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.