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Attack on Galactic Team Communication

Tonight, I was receiving Ascension Data from Lyra and a very demonic, lunar reversal witch energy began trying to pull my energy out in waves in my Lightbody. It was very sharp, intense and overwhelming. It took me 10-minutes to completely pivot this being out of my field and I completely flushed with the Rainbow Plasma Blood of Christ Elixir. I had to clear negative E.T Higher Chakra filters that were trying to block my dimensional bandwidth to 11D and run astral deception projections. 

It’s clear to me that there is an unprecedented attack on our ability to communicate with our Galactic Teams this week and we are being asked to run psychic self-defence and reestablish our boundaries. 

They must feel very threatened by the new Ascension information through pure channels coming in as they’re more aggressive right now. 

I was able to overcome this quickly and felt so much peace being held and stabilized by my Galactic team. They brought in a massive Emerald Compass Template that was regenerating incredible gnosis, trust, peace and faith and that my Internal Heart Compass is online as I am being fully lead by God and my Higher Self. It’s like these forces are trying to get us into fear and confusion around the choices we are making and the timeline choices we are following into this Higher Timeline.

Please, remember God is not the author of confusion. 

I wanted to share this in case anyone is feeling this right now! I’m having waves of huge shifts and breakthroughs and then some intense initiation… 

We will see how things shift! 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.