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While Understanding the Lunar Matrix is Important...

While understanding the lunar matrix is important and what the moon is currently being used for (trafficking hub/blood harvesting, sexual violence/exploitation of the feminine wound/womb,  hijacking, Lightbody damage, Sophianic enslavement etc), it organically and originally was a Solar Christ Body and a benevolent being before it was stolen. 

I will not live in fear of the lunar matrix or define the moon as a harvesting entity itself. Just like the symbol of the serpent can be used with bad intentions so can anything source created –  demons cannot create anything new so they must use what God has created and try to exploit it in subtle or overt ways. I also will not worship the moon or do moon rituals in the way that certain new age practices promote as I’ve experienced lunar attack and know the ins and outs of lunar vs solar light. 

I find going to extremes around things like the moon can actually pull us into mental boxes and dogmas that keep us anti or in fear and resistance that can actually be a loophole for darker forces. Stay mindful/aware and see what feels aligned for you personally. 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.