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Do You Really Know Your Worth?

Lessons around self-worth and self-esteem are coming through stronger than ever.

Also indecisive energy, a desire to create but not sure which direction to take. I feel this is all connected to “do you really know your worth”? 

Our sense of self is our magnetism to the kind of people and experiences we desire to have and if that sense of self-worth is compromised, we’re going to be going through a lot of stress navigating lessons around our value and what we tolerate. 

There’s a call to tune in around what you are no longer meant to tolerate and allow and decide to be finished with that timeline. These decisions are leading to quantum shifts right now where we can actually change our life for the better. 

We’re dropping lots of old energies for a more clear and pristine timeline acceleration. You may feel these experiences triggering low self-esteem or places you’re not sealed up and your no is not strong enough. I’m also seeing knowing your value regardless of external validation. 

I hope this helps 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.