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Mission Template Activations

This wave of Ascension is incredible. 

It’s literally calling us to speak our deepest truth with no compromise and activating Mission Templates and Service-to-Others like never before – we’re really being called to start sharing of our own Galactic Codex. 

Leadership is also being activated regardless of any fear or resistance many are experiencing around it but if you’re called into that position there is no denying it with these energies hitting the Earth. 

We’re also seeing the cracks in our foundation and stability. 

God is refining our energy around building in the New Earth on a stable Christ Foundation. This means there’s a crumbling of entire personas and identities many of us have had into the actual beingness of what we truly are through our Soul Frequency. 

It’s like we’re being called to choose our Soul’s Truth and Expression over everything right now. 

It’s quite liberating and yet a bit scary for some. 

God wants us out of any boxes or internal prisons that are keeping these aspects of our Soul dimmed and locked away.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.