Heart of Sophia

Aqua Sophia and the Crystalline Diamond Womb

The Aqua Diamond is the Crystalline Architectural Heart and Womb of Sophia.

It is a Portal, Stargate and Chakra that merges with the Higher Heart to magnetically receive the True Masculine and penetration of her Beloved in every cell and in every unloved, rejected and disowned part of herself for the coming back together of Christ-Sophia within and without…

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What it’s like being in Union with a truly Christed Man

What it’s like being in Union with a truly Christed Man

The following is a vulnerable share of how Aeleo and I met and what it’s like to be in union with a truly Christed man.

Nothing could have prepared me for what this is. No new age, twin flame teaching, no preconceived projection.

It’s not like how we think it will be when we come into the physical reality with our beloved.

The Hieros Gamos System is the Ascension.

Divine Union within is the Ascension Path.

The Electric Masculine and Electric Feminine ( Christ Sophia Template) is not a walk in the park and it’s not all about getting sex and love and just being in bliss 24/7 – although that’s a part of it.

If you can imagine a fire that burns through every layer of your shadow body and pain body, gives zero fucks about your ego and what you think you need and what you think you want. (It would be like that)

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