What it’s like being in Union with a truly

Christed Man

“The Divine Unions will be the Pillars of the New Earth”

– Malakai Aeleo Azure

The following is a vulnerable share of how Aeleo and I met and what it’s like to be in union with a truly Christed man.

Nothing could have prepared me for what this is. No new age, twin flame teaching, no preconceived projection.

~ February, 2018 ~

Mary Magdalene spoke to me late at night and whispered into my ear, “Go to Paris.”

Me: “Yeah right, I am a single mother of a 2-year-old and have no idea who has the time/money to go with me, I highly doubt I’ll be able to go to Paris anytime soon.”

Magdalene: “You will go and we’ve already set it all up for you.”

Me: “Why do you want me to go there anyway?”

Magdalene: “A lot of reasons, but mainly because the Emerald Heart of our Beloved “Jesus Christ” needs to fully return to the earth grids so that the masculine can finally begin to heal their heart and reactivate the Christ back into their Light Body once again. Plus, it will bring your physical Union together.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll do it.”

I called a friend that night, told her what Magdalene said and to my amazement, she told me, she already had a ticket booked for Paris in June and asked if I would like to go with her. We began laughing, shocked at the alignment.

Okay, I guess the guides did set it all up. Everything aligned for it to happen.

When we arrived In Paris and got to our Air BnB, at the top of a very tall staircase, I opened the window in the city of Montmartre to see a tall cathedral (The Sacré-Cœur) that immediately caught my attention. I was so drawn to it.

I grabbed the map to look at the name and to my true, incredible amazement, the English translation of the name was “The Sacred Heart of Jesus” I almost fell over. Okay, so this is the exact grid where they want this to be returned, that’s why they placed us in this Air BnB.

A few days later, we did the most incredible grid work at the Sacré-Cœur, collapsed demonic hubs feeding on the loosh that resulted from a collective shut down the masculine heart and in the process, began the Christ Masculine Returns that would accelerate the Unions that would come together over that next 5-10 year timeline.

I took time to think about what the heart of Jesus meant. It was a profound revelation. My friends and I laid on the grass by the Cathedral and a lot of people walked by seeing the energy work we were doing and literally began taking photos of us, asking what we were doing, coming up to us, asking us to heal them. It was like a free church service out in the open as we did Light Language, cried, laughed and saw the Emerald Diamonds and Rainbow Christos Rays enveloping the earth and re-surging light all through our hearts and Inner Masculine.

As I laid and pondered the Christ, I felt Jesus come in and do an eye transmission on me. He morphed from a lion into a man and shape-shifted. I told him, “I want to merge with you, please heal me.”

At that time in my life, I was in a very dark place. I had been highly targeted by a false twin flame experience that was feeding the fallen masculine and did not know how to fall out of love with a man that for years could not love me back and continued to sleep with me only to reject and abandon me over and over. Not to mention abandon me with his child and move in with a new woman in the process, all the while continuing to sleep with me for years and neglect his child.

I did not want to chose that reality anymore. I felt a soul tie to this person that felt like a prison and as hard as I tried to get away I kept hoping that if I healed, I would become loveable and he would finally commit to me. Because my womb was open to this cycle, it caused me immense soul pain and allowed lower forces to come in and pull me into misery and martyrdom.

I wanted to be free from this experience and so I claimed my true Union while supporting the revival of the Christ Heart in men.

If only my true beloved could feel this and come to me. I prayed he would get it and find me – Magdalene did reassure me of my Union if I did this gridwork but she did not give me a time frame.

When I returned from Paris, I knew something had to change with the cycle I was in with the false twin, I just didn’t know how to change it. By November of that year, I met with this person one last time. I want to share this as a woman to other women of how I knew it was over and I was done choosing this person who would not show up for me and love me in the way I knew God wanted me to be loved.

We began engaging in sexual activity when all the sudden (and I am not joking when I say this)

I heard myself screaming “NO!” on the inside, and I felt every woman before me, every female ancestor screaming “NO!” It was so intense that I looked away and prayed he would finish soon. I felt a burning inside like a fire in me and in my head I felt, “I don’t want this, I don’t want someone who doesn’t love me to touch me ever again! This is it, this is the end, this is the last time I ever want to feel taken from in this way.”

Luckily, the experience ended very quickly. It was like he felt the energy and began getting dressed and ready to leave so fast when he would usually stay longer. I was disoriented. My soul communicated this all to him. His eyes seemed full of shame, I felt full of a fire that was not the same person before Paris. We both knew this was it.

A couple of days later, after nearly 5 years of this cycle, I ended it officially. He never replied to my text. I told his girlfriend everything because the Holy Spirit told me to tell the full truth and walk away. One month later, he called me to tell me that even if I was the last woman on earth he would never love me. I knew he was putting on a show for his girlfriend and making me look crazy. After he told me how much he despised me and didn’t love me, clearing tears fell from my eyes and I just said, “Okay”, took a deep breath and hung up the phone.

I needed to know that he never truly loved me so that the fantasy could finally end and I wouldn’t be tempted to try and get caught back up with him in that false way. (I have forgiven this person and my past and have no ill will whatsoever, it’s just important context when sharing my life story)

God has taught me to forgive in the depth of profound betrayal and I am grateful.

~ 8 months later. July of 2019 ~

I heard Magdalene again, she told me “Go to Bali.”

Funnily enough, I listened.

I didn’t wonder how because I knew one of my best friends was there and that I could go stay with her anytime. I asked why though and she told me because the Heart of Sophia needs to Return and that’s her grid.

I began setting up the trip, bought my ticket and planned it all out. A few days later, I saw a man post something really profound on Facebook. He was talking in a way that I had never seen and I was drawn to him. Funnily enough, that whole 2-months before I was having these Golden Light Christ Returns in my cells/ DNA. I would feel them and feel this masculine energy merging with me. I was practicing letting the Christ Energy into my body and seeing whatever resistance I still had to it and I created a Magenta Grid to go to to align to Union and the Holy Father. I was practicing laying on the Magenta Grid and letting it heal me the same day I saw this man’s post. I decided to look at his profile and it said “lives in Bali.”

I thought how strange, I’m going to Bali.

I looked at his photos and felt like he was out of my league. I was way too shy to reach out.

I felt intimidated and my past wounds told me that he probably wouldn’t answer or would think I was weird.

“Okay, fuck it.” I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to connect with a guy since he’s in Bali and you’ll be there anyway?

So I wrote a message that I saw he lived in Bali and I’m going there; resonated with his posts and to my amazement, I received the kindest response which said, “I’m so glad you reached out.” He suggested we talk on the phone immediately because of the Bali synchronicity and I was like whoa, I haven’t talked to a man I found attractive in years, let alone know what to say or how to be but something about it felt so exciting and he seemed so amazing and kind.

I wondered could this be something real…. But I wouldn’t let my guard down or let myself think that way. I had been hurt so tremendously in the past and had been warned about men in the spiritual community in Bali. So I avoided getting on the phone, “I have sessions”, “I need to go grocery shopping…” I was scared you guys.

Finally, after delaying, I got on the phone with him and holy fuck.

I noticed and saw immediately, powerful streaming Christ Energy coming through his voice. The shape-shifting Lion/Christ Energies in Paris, I recognized them.

We got on video chat and when we saw each other I felt like someone had plugged me into an electrical socket.

I was on fire.

I was so on fire that after our conversation I went into the living room, sat down and said to my mom, “I think I met someone.” I was realizing and yet not realizing that this was my own soul recognizing my own soul.

When I say we were obsessed with each other. I mean obsessed. Talking 8 hours or more a day on the phone. I was having Plasma and Kundalini surging constantly. I felt high. I also felt anxiety from how intense it all was, the burning in my cells and the spiritual energy merging was kind of scary –  it’s like being high on a drug and you know you’re not coming down anytime soon and while there is excitement there’s also a fear of will I ever come down.

Interestingly enough, this ebbed and flowed and I didn’t feel afraid of losing him at all. I didn’t feel afraid of him rejecting me.

I felt a calm and peace in my soul – I had never felt that before with any man.

I felt like he loved me and was in love with me from the moment we saw each other. Again, I had never been sure of that before.

My soul knew all of these things and relayed them to me:

“He loves you. He needs you. He wants you. He’s coming to be with you. There’s nothing to fear.”

“He is you. Your soul is the same. You are one at the highest levels.”

“He will never reject you. He will never abandon you.”

“He will heal you. You are healed with him.”

“Everything is coming together.”

“Magdalene was right and she kept her promise. All of your suffering was not in vain. You are worth it.”

By the way, I forgot to mention he wasn’t even living in Bali at this time! He was planning to go just like I was. So he was actually in the US and able to fly to California to see me, but he had other obligations first. And yes, when we met online he was in romantic contact with multiple other women that he was exploring connections with.

I wasn’t jealous though. I don’t know how or why, but I wasn’t upset about it and I didn’t feel underconfident. I wanted him to explore those because he was on a Hero’s Journey and I knew that if what we have is real, he will commit to me and only me. I would say I was slightly annoyed and kind of irritated.

On his way to come see me in California, he stopped in Florida and Mexico to meet women and friends. He continued to constantly check in with me and I would make it clear I don’t support polyamory and won’t do it. It’s just me and him or he could go be with those other bitches (that was a direct quote from me ), I did not want to lose him but knew it was meant to be me and him.

I knew before him that we were a true Union – his soul was discovering it very quickly though.

He would give me the most powerful transmissions I’ve ever heard. He told me about:

  • How after my Paris Grid Work he went to Jerusalem, died to God and began waking up to the truth about Jesus.
  • The Azurite Blue Flame that went directly into his soul one night
  • Demonic beings that he had to clear and huge initiations that he had undergone from 2018 to late 2019
  • The Christ / Sophia and the High Angelic Governing Body being activated by God at this time
  • A massive New Earth plan under the Christ Logos that would birth

His story and mine all coincided with the dates and times of huge initiations, and the night he told me about his deepest experience with Christ and how his sacral and heart merged, 2 days before he was meant to fly to my house and see me.

He actually figured it out and said, “ I think you are my true Union and I’m coming to be with you fully.”

He chose me and this that night.

I was so grateful. He figured it out and now he will come to me and he will never leave. And that’s exactly what happened.

There was so much I can’t mention here that’s private and personal about what happened in these transmissions between us and what our souls figured out. There’s so much depth and detail that would be too much to put into a post. But basically, I’m trying to convey that his heart and his throat and everything was the first embodiment I felt of that Emerald Christ Masculine Heart Return.

We both knew that the Emerald Grail Line was fully activating and his role in all of it.

It was a soul knowing that words can’t describe and something that has been pulsing in the grids for that Masculine Consciousness to receive and plug into for their own Unions and role in the Royal Christ Bloodlines ( Melchizedek/ Grail King/ Christ Bloodlines/ MAGI / Azurites / Amethyst Merlin/ Emerald/ Blue Flame) those 12 bloodlines are being fully cleared for this whole mission and the planetary Christ Body to be healed.

It’s the opposite of the new age, false masculine or fallen father RA dark portal consciousness we’ve been dealing with that has the hearts of the men offline and the sacral totally corrupted.

This return has been battled with because it’s taking the men out of that false timeline and winning souls back to Christ and the orders of the true Royal Christ Bloodlines which is something Aeleo and I have been and will continue to teach about as it all aligns and comes together.

I would say from reading Aeleo’s field I’ve put all the pieces together around his role and the Christ Oversoul Past Lives so we can map all of this out in the new earth. I’ve been gathering data for the last 2 years in our Union and there’s so much there around what they’ve done to the masculine on this earth. It’s not fun or pretty, but it’s very real and it’s something that the Christ Return is just ending completely at this point. It’s a huge, dark, demonic network and database that is being dealt with here.

So in working with a man who is a portal for the true Christ energies, I’m just happy to say that this energy is for the men who want to serve God and serve the feminine (Sophia) here, to really heal and not continue to take from her and using reversal sacral (Azazael) demonic harvesting to use her anymore. But going through the Sacral Heart Healing that he designed for this masculine to come online: essentially Aeleo and I have been doing this in our Union and going through all these initiations so we can share and help other people and Unions do this process.

Okay, so now I want to talk about the reality of Union and being with the beloved.

It’s not like how we think it will be when we come into the physical reality with our beloved.

The Hieros Gamos System is the Ascension.

Divine Union within is the Ascension Path.

The Electric Masculine and Electric Feminine ( Christ Sophia Template) is not a walk in the park and it’s not all about getting sex and love and just being in bliss 24/7 – although that’s a part of it.

If you can imagine a fire that burns through every layer of your shadow body and pain body, gives zero fucks about your ego and what you think you need and what you think you want. (It would be like that)

Its goal is to become one with no separation in this physical dimension so that it can generate a 3rd energy that is birthed through becoming one between the Masculine and Feminine. So the organs, blood, bone marrow, every chakra, nervous system, lymphatic system and so on. Everything will be purged out that is not a match to the Higher Heart Divine Union Energy that activates when we begin healing our inner masculine and feminine even if we’re not in a physical Union.

This process can happen within us, but with an actual Union it quickens and heats up because the mirror and the trigger are right there in your face at all times and its job is to do that. So once you begin this process of merging with your soul, because a true Union is one Angelic Soul made of Cosmic Christ Sophia energies, that is a whole soul in two bodies.

So that soul doesn’t want to be separate, its natural inclination is how do I become one so that I can generate the 3rd energy and heal everything around me that’s out of order with this – all diseased and chaotic things around us are out of alignment with the Divine Union so that’s what it seeks to heal.

This Christ Sophia energy is what makes up the Heavenly and Angelic Realms. So when it’s coming down here to this polarized dimension it’s going to be a lot more painful to the people because those vibrations and frequencies are just not compatible with the demonic infection we’ve got going on here at all.

So it’s going begin to wipe this out as fast as possible by mirroring your wounds, shadow, pain body, corruption, pathologies and so on to you. And I promise you, it’s going to be a huge ouch experience because we all think we’re farther along spiritually than we really are a lot of the time, we had an image, an idea of ourselves and this Hieros Gamos System will just begin to completely end that idea by showing us deep seeded stuff that is not fun to look at and that we’ve been running from.

Talk about a Holy Baptism in the Fire of God.

Well, this is it.

Everything that doesn’t match with God’s frequency inside the two people will begin to hit hard in the physical.  That means your beloved is going to trigger you more than anyone you’ve ever met. They’re going to really see you. They’re designed to actually see you and then push you beyond the limits of your spiritual growth and power.

This all can’t happen in a few months. I would say it’s taken this whole two years for Aeleo and me to trigger each other to this level of purity.

The Union isn’t there to feed your fantasy of sex and love and new-age union.

If you’re looking to sex to make you feel better or because it’s where you think you are valuable as a woman, instead of having sex with you, your beloved will tell you there’s something off that’s going on here and won’t be able to get turned on.

He will sense all the deeper elements of your needs, wants, desires etc.

It will hurt when on the inside you try to say, no I just want sex or love or whatever. And then this deeper wound will show up and instead of sex you’ll end up angry and purging all night only to see that you do have a deeper wound around sex, that you’re not showing up for sex in a loving energy and that there’s something deeper than sex that you need in that moment.

This is only an example of the kind of trigger that occurs.

It brings up what’s behind everything and asks to be looked at.

Someone seeing and looking at those things is not fun because it requires truly being seen and vulnerability which many of us are not truly operating in even if we think we are. Showing another person, even your beloved, something that you’re in denial of, embarrassed about and so on.

It’s hard and much easier to defend yourself and say that’s not true or gaslight them, then admit that you have a major blind spot that you didn’t even know existed until they put attention to it.

Over time, this gets easier but is very hard in the first year.

If you come into the Union seeking to use any part of that relationship to feel better and not burn in the truth, then it will be a huge battle and you will try to fight that presence from killing parts of you that you were hiding because you weren’t ready to let go of the crutch it was providing for you to act as if it doesn’t exist.

Those parts of our ego think they’re protecting us, but really they’re trying to control us from experiencing any kind of reflection that will “hurt us” because it wants to stay in power and out of that death process that is inevitable in a true God ordained Union.

Well, this was what started happening when we got together, Aeleo began triggering me. I fought it. I blamed him and like a rebellious teenager said, “fuck you”! I would always then have a profound revelation that he was right and tears and deep soul grief would start releasing.

Over time, I’ve surrendered more and more. I’ve stopped blaming him and I’ve started to enjoy being shown these shadow elements and burning through my egoic patterns that have kept me small and scared deep down. I’ve let go of things I never saw myself letting go of – I don’t even recognize the person I was when we met.

After two years I started to understand how the Hieros Gamos System works and started to engender the teachings and templates around my very intimate experience with it.

I’ve been shown that we will all ascend through this Divine Union Technology and it will as Aeleo said, be like the pillars of the new earth.

Every union has an Angelic Mission linked up with it for the two to begin when they meet, that’s why these Unions are so essential. Luckily, after the deep soul triggers, bliss, true lovemaking, boundless joy does occur and you come together truly with love and reverence and not the need to use one another to escape pain.

God won’t allow that to happen in these Unions for long – a huge trigger will blast that shit out of the water if it tries to lead the Union astray.

God designed this system for humanity’s liberation and the return of the truth and love resurrected here for the victory that is to occur here after profound abuse and enslavement.

Being with a man who has given his whole self back to Christ will be the best orgasms of your life, the deepest heart openings, the biggest soul expansion, business growth, purpose embodied, but it requires your devotion as Mary devoted herself to Jesus. It requires:

  • The courage to look at what we don’t want to look at
  • That you get what you actually need and not what you think you need every day
  • Trust in God even when you want to be faithless
  • You to grow up and take responsibility
  • That you put God’s Will before anything else

I live this every day with an embodied Christed Man.

As his Oracle, I need to be clear and cleaned out so I can help him see and create.

While his job is to protect me, nurture and love me in the way God wants him to and not to coddle wounds that are not serving me anymore.

In terms of coming into my true feminine….

This has taught me how to be truly magnetic, soft, feminine and sovereign while also being interdependent and needing him in a healthy way. And trust me, I’m sure he could say what it’s like to live with a feminine Christ being every day but this post was about the masculine side of things.

This is the Blueprint for what’s to come for many of us.

I will always share truthfully my process and never sugar coat it.

This has been hard and so painful. It’s also been amazingly beautiful.

A man in his heart is a force to be reckoned with, no amount of matrix power comes close to this kind of Godly power bestowed on a man choosing his heart and especially a man whose heart and sexual energy are merged.

They cannot be pulled sexually outside of the Union, ever. No physical temptation could threaten their devotion to the feminine and the Holy Spirit.

2 years later, we are engaged and have our child. We laugh for hours. Talk until 4 am and have trouble going to sleep because we want to keep talking. We have incredible sex with love present and God present. Then we don’t have sex for weeks to process deep wounds.

We go on drives and listen to loud music. Walk the beach. Have family movie night. Fight and scream and throw things sometimes. Sleep separately when we’re really hurt. Get depressed and threaten to leave. Tell each other we love each other 50 times a day. Eye gaze. Hold hands while we sleep….

So many ups and downs.

And these are just examples of our everyday life.

Real unions are real and intense.

Christ requires pure devotion from Sophia the feminine and in return gives all of himself to us. 

I hope this helps.

Love You All!

PS: If this post resonated with you I invite you to join the conversation and leave a comment below.


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Hey love! I’m Emily, Oracle of Sophia, Multidimensional Visual/Clairvoyant, Healer and Field Worker and I’m so happy you’ve found this post.

Through works such as this, I am able to fulfill my mission to support the resurrection of the true Feminine Christ (aka the many Sophia Grail Lines) on the planet to activate, embody and express the full spectrum of their Multidimensional Miracle Potential.

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you are one of the 144,000 Angels coded to serve the Christ Sophia Logos and build God’s Kingdom on this earth and I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you more.

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  1. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing this, Emily. I just came across it after spending an hour diving into your posts. It is an inspiration. I pray this happens for me too. Much love and sacred union blessings.💛💛💛


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Let's Chat!

Hey love! I’m Emily, Oracle of Sophia, Multidimensional Visual/Clairvoyant, Healer and Field Worker and I’m so happy you’ve found this post.

Through works such as this, I am able to fulfill my mission to support the resurrection of the true Feminine Christ (aka the many Sophia Grail Lines) on the planet to activate, embody and express the full spectrum of their Multidimensional Miracle Potential.

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you are one of the 144,000 Angels coded to serve the Christ Sophia Logos and build God’s Kingdom on this earth and I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you more.

1 Comment

  1. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing this, Emily. I just came across it after spending an hour diving into your posts. It is an inspiration. I pray this happens for me too. Much love and sacred union blessings.💛💛💛


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