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Aqua Sophia and the Crystalline Diamond Womb

The Aqua Diamond is the Crystalline Architectural Heart and Womb of Sophia. 

It is a Portal, Stargate and Chakra that merges with the Higher Heart to magnetically receive the True Masculine and penetration of her Beloved in every cell and in every unloved, rejected and disowned part of herself for the coming back together of Christ-Sophia within and without. 

When we anchor this Aqua Diamond Light, it infuses into the Light Grids and dismantles the dark mother holding Sophia’s body parts, DNA, elementals, timelines, gifts and union hostage so that she can resurrect up the body and the vertical channel.

I like to move this through all of the glands in the body and light them up with little Aqua Diamond gems and then place the Aqua Diamond in both the Heart and Womb to burn out all old signatures that no longer match the highest timeline. I have a whole process for it called The Crystalline Womb™ and I just feel like this photo encompasses the visual very well of how I see the Aqua Sophia Cathar Lightbody embodied.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.