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Sacred Heart Activation

I have good news! 

Egyptian Timeline Clearing made me extremely sick last night – this is common when clearing black magic, it can cause different symptoms that feel like death because it is a phantom field purgatory energy that has been stuck for many many years in these timelines (not fun). 

Anyways, this chamber of my heart is activating now that I’ve never felt before! It’s something so deep. It’s so much power to hold so much pain with pure presence. 

This purge is activating our Sacred Heart, something I don’t even know how to explain yet but it’s been buried for so long and I’m now feeling and remembering profound creational codes within the Higher Heart Chamber, Miracle Energies….what is possible in the Angelic Human is just mind blowing! 

Last night, I was in so much pain, omg! Then, this activation after flushing this heart overlay in the collective that has been blocking this. It’s something next-level coming online – what we can really do and what we are capable of. This energy is actually amazing but I had to face a lot to be able to get to this and hold this. It was not easy and it was extremely uncomfortable t0 be present with the suffering as I was clearing but now the Heart Field of Creation is going to another level. It’s cosmic, some fear may come up but we can push through … maybe you are all feeling this as well!

Hope this helps.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.