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Egyptian Timeline Portal System

Right now, we’re clearing really dark timelines connected to black magic. 

The Guardians are showing me that we are clearing some collective Egyptian Timelines through a portal system that connects to the true history and traumatic events in the past that link to Akhenaten and Hatshepsut’s enslavement and desecration.

This is a huge Divine Union Healing collectively as it is unblocking Masculine and Feminine Christ Bloodlines from enslavement around being together in Union. 

I was seeing some parts of our Soul stuck in there, I dreamt of multiple sarcophagi that were holding the doorway to enter into those timelines and I saw some people go in and get stuck or lost which I felt represented stuck energy needing to be moved and cleared. 

If you’re feeling this clearing, you may notice some really dense energies clearing, places where you feel stuck clearing or parts of your Soul reintegrating. It may be pretty intense and yet, the outcome looks amazing with us retrieving these timelines and aspects of our Collective Christ Body from the hijacked Egyptian Timelines that have all sorts of dark artifacts and traps. 

With this happening, I feel some people stuck in looping cycles of deep trauma, sexual misery, anger issues, addiction issues, feeling separated from love.. etc. I’m getting that God is breaking these cycles through this process to shift us out of this harvesting trauma cycle connected to the draco takeover of the power in Egypt which deeply traumatized a lot of us and is being activated to clear now in the DNA.

Hope this helps.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.