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Nubian Priestess Bloodline Return

Nubian Priestess through Madagascar (east Africa) body parts reclaimed

Solar Christ Mary and Son (Christ Grid Reconciled)

Solar Christ Mary Dragon Ruby Ray pulsing light back through the White Buffalo Shamanic Sophia Lineages

Massive Solar Sophia return


This return is endlessly fascinating to me!

I was working the field today and a retrieval came through that went from Madagascar to the pyramid of Giza. It was for the Nubian Priestess Bloodlines. This is a Sophia Christ Grail Line that has a Ruby Diamond Tone – this is similar to the White Buffalo Sophia Grail Line as both show up as a Ruby Diamond Frequency.

There are all these rubies buried in Madagascar that the Ruby Dragon (Solar Christ Mary) (Mother Mary) was guarding. All these royal stones as well that looked like mineral stones of Lapis Lazuli coming forth as a kind of elemental stream.

I saw the Mother Dragon guarding these. We then processed Nubian Priestess desecration that included crucifixion and dismemberment of these women. I saw Dracos that were burning and bound as we collected all of the Nubian Priestess’s body parts – it was like a boomerang effect from what they had done to her being done to them. This was very intense to retrieve and process and was not for a weak stomach whatsoever. 

As I was collecting all the body parts of this Sophianic Lineage, I was noticing that they had impaled a lot of them, were siphoning energy from them and doing God knows what to her all this time. It’s just unbelievable to see their genetic hatred of this beautiful melanated tribe of women. 

We reclaimed all the body parts, jewels, wings, elementals and DNA and then this massive ruby diamond necklace as she came back together and began powering up the ruby and lapis lazuli stones with the Mother Dragon. This sent tons of energy back to melanin priestess lineages that have the shamanic blueprint and ruby ray. 

I was just in absolute awe and excitement at this retrieval. The entire island mass of Madagascar began lighting up and a vortex was building. I saw this clearing enslavement for thousands of women who feel disenfranchised and oppressed by targeting via their skin color or genetics. It was also amazing to see this link into the White Buffalo Indigenous Bloodlines and begin clearing enslavement and torture/desecration of her God-given power and influence to help heal generations back and future generations as well. Giving them a huge boost of energy, hope, faith and renewal. 

If you’re feeling a lot of intense energies, grief, anger, hopelessness etc we are purging this ancient battle connection to draconian targeting on the Nubian/Native Ruby Grail Lines. 

It’s a service to all women as there are many who have been unable to find their true mission/ purpose and liberation in this lifetime due to how overtaken this original royal lineage was. 

We are seeing a huge Sophianic Return that will result in renewed confidence in the Christ and her history/present self. 

I’m so happy I can witness this and serve this aspect of the Mission. There’s so much injustice and hurt here. There are many women who are less fortunate and still bound and enslaved because of what happened here, I feel this will begin shifting. As a service, please pray and offer your own grid work from Africa/ Egypt/ New Mexico with the intention to resurrect and return to rightful owner Nubian Priestess and Indigenous Priestess Templates. 

Love you all 

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