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Divine Union is not a Superficial List of Requirements

Write them all out if you want, over and over, demand these things, say you won’t settle for less…it doesn’t matter. 

When I say superficial, I’m not talking about asking for a person with a good heart, who’s family oriented or who you have a stable attraction to – I feel that understanding our needs when it comes to who we give our trust and time to is important. Superficial requirements to me would be, for example, I must have a 6/7 figure man… that is probably the one that makes me scratch my head the most.

Divine Union is decreed before birth. It has nothing to do with you trying to write it, manifest it, demand it or shadow work yourself into it. 

God has already taken every need and desire you have into account and knows your exact genetic signature. This means that God already had the intelligence to bring you to planet Earth with that complementary being and create a contract that aligns you to them at the perfect time. 

No human, demon, or angel can create a Union Template or actually block one from coming together. 

Just like they cannot replicate a cell, they cannot replicate an exact Soul Match between two beings. 

You are never manifesting your Union or doing enough self-love work to achieve one necessarily, although there are some nuances there. You are only aligning yourself to the ability to recognize this being when they show up. That may mean you are set in a few (self-honoring) initiations before it occurs but it never means you are trying to love yourself into being lovable or good enough. That entire ideology is the opposite of love and presents the idea that you cannot be loved where you are, flaws and all. 

Union reflects perfect love, not idealistic love. 

Perfect love has the power to help redeem another no matter the circumstances. That means even going to the underworld to help collect their body parts so to speak. It is not a love that shows up when we are “ perfect” and “flawless”. Your Union may very well show up when you’re at your worst and most wounded place. This does not mean we can trespass, violate or make another responsible for all of our pain either, it just means that we cannot overcome the human condition prior to a deep soul connection because that’s where a lot of the real work begins. 

This person is inspired by God on a Heart and Soul Level to love you, devote themselves to you and stay committed to your shared mission and romance. 

This spark of inspiration is unmistakable and inescapable. It is an unending soul magnetism. 

Nothing else will do, literally. They will not be tempted by someone more successful, younger, more beautiful or seemingly better off than you. 

When it is decreed by God, you are the one and that is it. 

I see many women carry on about requiring 7 figure men; and all these ridiculous notions around what they demand in a man before they will say yes. Putting your future person into all these weird restrictive boxes will not allow authentic energy to flow, I think thinking more along the lines of I trust God and Spirit that my true match will help take care of me is a better way to structure it with an openness that they may also be having a hard time climbing the ladder of the matrix or whatever business they’re doing. 

Of course, you can take a stand for previous versions of the masculine that you entertained and say no, I will not accept abuse, cheating, energy harvesting etc. again, it’s almost ridiculous to think that in a True Divine Union, you would have to put up with these things or even take a stand against them. You never know what you both contracted to overcome together though and every person has their most difficult self. It will go both ways via triggers, ancient wounding, miasma (ancestral clearing) and deep love, devotion and a willingness to process these things in order to go into more profound states of cohesion and mission. 

You get the one you get if you’re on the True Union Path and know you’re called to that by God. 

They will perfectly mirror your wounds while loving you, they will also be imperfect but they will be exactly what you need to grow, mind, body and soul. 

They, however, will not submit to your ridiculous list – allow them to wipe the floor with those laughable wounded projections. They will when you get into the triggers and core wounding you both carry. 

An authentic man is not a contrived man. Imagine someone idealizing a woman and not accepting any less than this. It’s harmful. You are in elementary thinking (not an insult) if you are really believing that you can control or manifest this perfect archetypal fantasy of what you think you “deserve”. You aren’t entitled to anything beyond a present, loving and willing human being. 

How about preparing for a real man, flesh, blood, hurts, brokenness, flaws, core wounding, and all the traits that come with living on a fallen planet and trying to carry their cross while also taking on caring for an entire other human being. Just like you. It’s best to orient your field to the reality scope of your own Inner Union Template expressed as your own Inner Masculine without needing to define it to a tee. 

Your Internal Masculine Architecture allows you to feel the Cosmic Energy of who he is and his service to your Feminine Lineage. If we allow energy without holding a limitation around the more shallow aspects of what it is, it can begin to merge closer and anchor itself into your timeline. This is called running a resurrection of the masculine return within your field. 

It can express itself and be loved fully as you would like to be, willing to work through all distortions together in order to merge with the true Christ- Sophia field and co-create the Union Timeline with the love of what is, instead of what is demanded by the lower wounded self in order to feel safe in that limitation around trusting. 

I would say broken trust really creates this thinking. 

It’s okay, ideally, we can process this aspect of us with love and understanding without giving it too much power.

I can only speak from a place where I’ve been in this profound process for 4 years and what I’ve learned.

Take what resonates. 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.