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Don’t let anyone manipulate you into being more transcended than you are

Although some of the spiritual community will demonize this radical and painful truth, I know that for many of us there is not always a cozy higher perspective and antidote for every obstacle we go through that fully relieves us. 

Sometimes. this fallen world is just hard as fuck to navigate. 

Sometimes, no post or video or “higher truth” can soothe reality and make us feel better. 

Sometimes, we just burn in the reality of what is for a time. 

No matter how much we feel or promote our own victimhood people will say we aren’t being discerning enough, patient enough, compassionate enough…whatever it is. 

I know that sometimes we must authentically own our own victimhood until we can overcome it. So be it. Your life is unique and what you are suffering is unique although somewhere on the other end of your fucked up perspective there must be a higher solution and while I’m sure there is, it doesn’t justify the level that people demonize the distorted way pain makes us look at things. 

Owning how hard life is on a fallen planet and our inability to justify it immediately as okay so that someone doesn’t come in to spiritually gaslight us into taking responsibility or seeing it differently as soon as possible is liberating. 

Own your pain, feel your anger, experience the injustice, and process the grief. Don’t seek higher solutions if it’s not authentic. 

Once you have processed your pain thoroughly, you will feel the desire to understand why and what you can do about it. Until then, you could be trying to put a bandaid on a bullet hole so that you feel more empowered than where you are or in a more self-loving place than you are. 

The solution will come, the light at the end of the tunnel, the self-reflection and ownership. 

Don’t let anyone manipulate you into being more transcended and enlightened than you are. 

Many times we feel bullied and pressured into offering the most nuanced version of our pain because it doesn’t feel like it’s allowed, instead, we always feel like someone will try to force us into transcendence quicker than we are capable in order to feel like we are legitimately doing the work and not wallowing in our own purgatory. 

It’s okay if you don’t feel an empowered solution to your pain right now, you will get there and it may have nothing to do with a post you saw or a video you watched. 

Stop pressuring people and alienating them for not being okay or always having the highest version of events around their shitty life situation. A lot of the ascension process is experiencing and owning emotions and realities that most people won’t even touch in order to alchemize them into wisdom and joy. Alchemy is not quick empowering solutions and posts that tell you how to fix your problem. It’s a messy, intense, painful process that also brings great relief and connection to understanding why things are the way they are.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.