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Nasty Energy and Golden Plasma

There is some nasty energy out there right now. 

I saw a massive, black swirling vortex coming up from the dark grids in the city over here.  They’re pushing black magic like smoke into the air and it’s causing people to have bad attitudes and anger flares. There’s been unbelievable demonic activity over here the last 3 days. I feel like they’re in retaliation mode for recent victories over some of their main harvesting hubs in Ukraine and other main frame systems all over the stargates. 

Be mindful and stay present in the light of what is true because if you react and continue to allow them to get you in anger, panic and distrust that God is in control it can cause you to spiral. 

I also saw Golden Plasma over the 5G towers while on the motorcycle with Aeleo today. I saw that the Guardians are blocking them with incredible precision so they’re not happy with how little death is resulting after all the effort on their end. 

We will see how it all flows. 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.