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Clearing Misogyny and Anti-Sophianic Belief Systems

Wow! The Guardians are showing me that we’re clearing a huge layer of misogyny and anti Feminine/Sophianic belief systems, internalized misogyny and all abuses of the Feminine aspect of our Soul. 

This is clearing satanic ritual abuse in memories, timelines and in physical reality. We’re seeing the Feminine call back the mother-child bond. 

This is a Draco/reptilian purge around targeting the Feminine through misogyny. 

Draco/reps know what causes the Feminine misery and they have a targeting hatred for the Feminine Emotional Spirit (Holy Spirit) that has had deep soul fracturing for many here. They broadcast all sorts of reversals around the Feminine. 

I feel this is showing that the Mother Arc is retrieving many child souls from dark areas as well as bringing us (Sophia Bloodlines) through a resurrection period. This will feel unpleasant for some as we will confront deep painful abuses that we’ve been unable to transmute and face previously. This is going to create massive shifts in the field for an incredible restoration of the Cosmic Sophia Christ Return here.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.