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Golden Hydroplasmic Christ Energy Pulsing

Right now, there is a huge wave of Golden Hydroplasmic Christ Energy pulsing from the Lyra Heart Networks and White Lion Grid surrounding the Sphinx.

It feels like they’re accelerating the Solar Rishi (Golden Light of Truth) Return to this planet through the Giza Stargate. I feel a lot of Guardians have just anchored boots on the ground and there is massive protection coming into the Middle East. They’re defending something. I have been also seeing a lot of military activity and something big moving with the military operations/space force that will begin a disclosure-type event at some point between now and 2024 (Please understand that this may be a false type of disclosure that is not the full/real truth) but it will begin a huge shift. 

I’m seeing the Christ Light reaching a lot more people right now and enveloping them in protection. 

Egypt connects to the Heart Chakra and Astral Clearing to make way for higher frequencies and heart expansion to hold compassion for what we will be witnessing in ourselves and others. You may feel this energy moving in your heart and feel the tall feline beings (Lyrans) around your field. They’re protecting many from the damage intended by dark forces at this time. I’m so happy to feel them so close and present. It’s taken time for them to get back here fully and so closely and shows massive progress in the removal of alien machinery in the grids and the weakening of antichrist forces.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.