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God is Allowing Huge Intervention

Wow, I am so emotional today. The transmissions I’m receiving from the Guardians are so profound – they have just taken out a massive syndicate of lunar forces that have been violating, attacking and throwing black magic on the Christ-Sophia Bloodlines as well as terrorizing the human collective for a very long time in many ways. 

I kept hearing that there is a new level of safety and protection coming in finally where the Guardians/Families of Light can work with us much more closely and truly stand in front of the innocent – God is allowing a huge intervention. 

They are anchoring a massive new Golden Diamond Christ Light Network and Grid that is eradicating lunar consciousness and freeing so many soul aspects back to Sophia for healing. 

The grid is pulsing Divine Justice and much faster/stronger karmic repercussions for violating others. 

This is empowering us to stand in our Divine Authority and stop allowing it. There is a huge victory and shift beginning with a lot more Christ Light reaching us and cleaning out lunar distortions. 

With this victory, there will be pushback from the cabal but only to hide how unbelievably weak they are – they lost a main branch of their tree so to speak. 

Anyways, don’t be surprised if you start feeling way better and start getting downloads around this new field of potential and a stronger feeling of safety and security coming through. 

Thank You, God!

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.