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Light Field Flush

Today, the Guardians showed me that we are coming up for a Light Field Flush of all that no longer matches. 

This will result in fallout around us which can feel stressful and intense. People will be falling out of our lives so to speak and reveal their true colors or underlying resentments or projections, and some people who are sadly hijacked or being used as a dark portal may even try to run some form of black magic or attack on you to destabilize you. It’s an energy that feels almost “persecution” like. 

Whenever it’s time for people to separate energetically for both of their higher alignment, one may have more of a dependency or parasitic addiction to the other and won’t want to go quietly and respectfully. I would not cower at this time or go into fear around bully energy, I would use it as practice to do what your soul is really guiding you to in response, which usually involves standing strongly in your truth. 

I’ve had 3 instances come up in the last few days that called for me to be extremely strong in my boundaries and integrity even though it was challenging. I also was able to see my own wounding and bring more attention to where I’ve fed or given parts of myself that are sacred to those that do not honor me. I’m starting to feel the relief of this fallout as it always frees up energy for those experiences and people that are more aligned. 

I hope this helps.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.