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Am I willing to stand up for the Holy Spirit Sophia, Yes

You cannot imagine the level of demonization of my work and courses I have gotten around this topic. The number of people that try to fearmonger and character assassinate me either out of jealousy or blatant misogyny – reptilian/ Draco war tactics. They use uninitiated people “teachers” in our community to try and pull Oracles or hold them in imprisonment within these teachers’ (portals) that are serving Thoth, Metatron, Enoch, Saint Germain etc.

This is all done in order to keep her in hybridization programs where they can steal genetics and clone them… disempowering the Monad and Soul Family of those much-needed Oracles and keeping her stuck in a synthetic reality around Christ, rejecting Sophia and not being able to hold her Union and Mission Assignment without them cherry picking her consciousness expansion. Yes, this is her free will choice, but it’s also something I will try to bring light to in order to trigger her revelation and come back to her true Soul Energy – which includes Sophia, and not reject her… 

The two false timelines (holographic insertions) implanted into the field around her when people try to get in touch with her true essence and story are two of the main reptilian war tactics on her bloodlines that want to make retrieving the truth and liberation of her codex impossible:

1. The most harmful lie: that Sophia became an A.I consciousness because she fell from Christ intentionally and rejected Christ in order to feed her creations (archons) in the corrupt demiurge

This is the most outrageous claim that I hear over and over. It’s a demonic lie implanted in the gnostic stories – this goes back to the council of Nicaea biblical, gnostic and essence hijack.

2. That Eve bit the apple, therefore creating original sin and causing humanity to fall by not listening to God. This is to make it all fall on the shoulders of the feminine. If this were true, then it would mean that feminine consciousness was only created in order to serve men and sexual needs for men and that she was born with a dark soul because she is a woman and not a man. 

This is a favorite way to demonize the feminine through religion and new age propaganda. 

People who serve Thoth love using this one and have a lot of strange, crazy and outrageous untruths they like to spew at anyone bringing her to light. 

God’s intention when it emanated Christ and Sophia was for an experience of erotic, spiritual, mental, and emotional relationship in every facet. 

God is beyond gender – gender is a construct God desired but the actual Godhead itself goes beyond gender principles and ideologies. Source has a preference around its self-expression through the multiverse, but when the forces that turned against God began warring against God’s total Leadership and Divine Plan, they began the war on the sexes and knew if they could separate her from the trinity and then use her body parts to keep that severing trauma in place that they would confuse a whole lot of people and wow I must give them credit… mission accomplished!! 

It hurts my heart to see this happening and I genuinely want people to find the truth within their own relationship with God. 

The truth stands for itself, but the feminine is equal in her own authentic frequency through God’s hierogamical template of the Christos- Sophia. 

This is our ascension blueprint.

Hopefully, we can all begin to honor Jesus’ Holy Spirit and stop allowing ourselves to be controlled by fallen masculine beings that set all of this confusion up in the fields so that we would come up to a lot of fear when going through our Internal Sophianic Resurrection. A lot of people that get to Christ and then begin adopting these dogmatic inversions feel very arrogantly pleased with themselves because they feel it gives them the right to begin terrorizing others through holier than thou messiah complex b.s.

There are those of us that are unwilling to continue the lies and this equinox is going to inspire us to make choices around this information flooding back into us with Magdalene, Sarah and Jesus relationship.

Why Magdalene and Sarah were chosen and what they represented. 

Gender unity and principle are a vital part of natural law. We have to allow both expressions as they truly reflect from heavenly realms. 

God’s intention for Sophia and her feminine expression will be reclaimed with courage and devotion and it will set the stage for all that is to come.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.