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Astral and Etheric Torture Clearing

This is a painful but necessary topic to speak on. 

Over the last week, we’ve been purging astral torture. I was shown the psychosomatic endometriosis symptoms in my body coming from sexual trauma that was triggered after I did a cervix activation and healing. God woke me up in the middle of the night and prepared my Inner Christ Spirit to hold some profoundly dark visuals and understandings about astral torture that were so important for the levelling up that we’re all in the midst of. 

There was a massive white draco (Pindar) or Azazael consciousness (the inverted masculine) that had been torturing me in the astral on and off for many years and had cloaked certain astral layers in order to make me believe that I was just not feeling well emotionally or just down when it was actually much worse than that. I have seen astral torture in many clients and had to do multiple layers of removal at different angles in order to remove the entity (whatever it was) from them that felt it had the right to do this kind of thing to them. It always brought tears and massive revelation to their soul along with a feeling of liberation they hadn’t felt for a long time. 

In my visions around the draco torture in the astral I was going through were some of the most heinous things that could be done to a person as well as character assassination that involved natures of sexual degradation that while not necessary to repeat, the results of such trauma can be felt in the heart. 

This occurrence is not rare, it’s highly prevalent and with all the astral reconstruction the Christ Guardians have been doing in the 4D it is all finally being revealed as we can process, handle and put a stop to it. I spoke to the draco who revealed his hatred for the Christ in all forms and his tyrannical disregard for all innocence, purity and love in a being and stood up for myself and what belongs to me and God. 

Seeing what was happening to this aspect of my soul allowed me to reclaim it after hours of processing that also involved unburying an ancient aspect of myself in a metal cage deep in the ocean that was chained up and suffocating/entombing this powerful aspect of my soul. I had to remove phallic sodomy implants, ropes, chains, and bindings in all forms and then pull this part of my etheric body back into its rightful place so that it could finally heal and emanate its true frequency. 

This astral torture occurred through past life trauma on my biological mother’s side when a massive betrayal began alllowing the dark masculine to seed into the Sophianic Bloodline I’m a part of and begin the fragmentation. It’s too much to type and process here, but it was so healing, so life-giving, so soul-shifting to experience the healing of this satanic abuse on my soul and the souls I came Fromm and to reclaim myself from the astral. 

A lot of people have no idea what the astral realm entails and project there with no clue of the level of manipulation and soul traps therein. 

The astral is not meant to be experienced in the way many think, it’s not simply just cool or fun to project oneself into. I teach to unplug from the astral because unless you are doing a rescue mission you truly have no business there unless you want to be deceived, have something latch onto you and begin spiritually manipulating the vulnerable parts of you. There is a way to travel there safely on assignment and we are in the process of these demonic interfaces being dismantled but it’s such a chaotic mess that as of right now, we are truly meant to heal our Lightbody astral torture before we try to navigate it to such an extent. 

I thought this would be helpful if you’re feeling the intensity of this purge, it’s incredible that we get to free ourselves from this kind of spiritual abuse as it wasn’t fully possible before. There is such amazing opportunity to work on this if you feel called and of course directly with God or your Guardian Teams. We are seeing huge shifts on the heart level. 

Thank you, God!

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.