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Cervix Channel Clearing, Sophianic Return and the Magenta Goddess Energy Codex

I was woken up very early this morning for immediate processing of a blocked Sophia Solar Light Channel from my cervix to liver that was mirroring a Sophianic Resurrection occurring in the grid where I’m at that’s profoundly affecting the collective right now. 

I ran a massive detox of this Cervix Channel with the Indigo Guardians and it opened up an unbelievable amount of Magenta Goddess Energy that began generating Plasma Flower Templates through the channel and cleared black goo and miasmatic overlays that were keeping me enmeshed with a very painful psychic field connected to trapped sacral trauma in my bloodline. 

When Aeleo woke up, we immediately began merging sexually and I felt like I was melding into a golden Tree of Life around my body as my cervix opened and turned into a pastel pink rose. I felt huge relief, like a very parasitic and ancient harvesting machine cleared out of the sacral field of Sophia and in the grids. I felt the Magenta Goddess coming up so strongly through the Earth and my body and I am feeling like we are having a Sophia Return on a next level. 

So much more is clearing constantly as I receive the Magenta/Pastel Pink Codex. All the unforgiveness and rage held in the liver is being vacuumed out to make way for some processing of stuck energy that’s blocking the flow of sexual/kundalini energy. 

There are many intricate details but I thought, for now, I’d share in case anyone else is feeling this or wasn’t sure what they were feeling. If in any way you doubt that there is a feminine aspect of God/Creation or you fear the True Goddess Consciousness of the Feminine Christ and allow it to re-emerge inside of yourself, you will be faced with that doubt right now and an opportunity to clear it.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.