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God Wants the Feminine to be Sovereign AND Safe

The Christ Field and Christos Architecture activates around her energy and is reflected without in order to hold the Inner Sophia (pure innocence, holy spirit of Christ). 

The Inner Feminine needs protection in all beings with the architecture that holds her and creates boundaries to corrupted forces that seek to bleed her dry, stomp on her boundaries and feed from her garden. When the Christ resurrects in the Feminine (when she says yes to the Cosmic Christ Return occurring through Ascension) it begins to emanate a pure NO frequency to all that would dishonor her, all that would irreverently take from her, oppress her and use her. 

This frequency is needed and essential or she is left as a battery pack for dark agendas through her wounded/inverted empathy that pushes her to say yes when she would otherwise say no. 

Just as ancient Oracles were held hostage and siphoned by draco forces, that cycle will repeat itself until the Christ returns to her to begin the internal shift that saves her. At that point, there is no need to fear submission because it’s a full expression of her Sovereignty without manipulation. 

The leadership of the Christ is fully trustworthy so it leads her beyond cycling lessons and continual injustices. Then, when the time is right, that spirit of Christ is reflected in a physical man that is capable of leading her without robbing her of her voice and power. 

Trusting Christ is the first step and then the man that is heart and soul inspired by God to come in and take her to that next level of ecstasy that exists within safety and boundaries (Christos Architecture) is internal boundaries! When it is built through the Tree of Life it honors what is sacred and life-giving. 

When a female does not build her inner Christos or give him permission to begin shifting her timeline she is suffering immensely. It’s not about shame since we’ve all been there and many still are, it’s a wake-up call to say yes to Christ and allow the Internal Union to begin that magnetizes the physical union. 

This is exactly what occurred within me when I called on Christ and his Golden Field began merging with me cellularly and purging Azazael (fallen masculine genetics and reptilian interfacing). 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.