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The Most Important Spiritual Advice I Can Give

The most important spiritual advice I can give to anyone is this…

Open yourself up to a relationship with Christ 

Non-dogmatically, non-religiously, non-new age and non-ascension mechanics.

Try not to go into this relationship with pre-conceived notions, stories or beliefs you’ve heard and ask the Cosmic Christ to reveal itself to you as it truly is. 

This decision will align everything in your life to the highest timeline possible – you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

This relationship will give you a spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological peace that nothing else in this universe can offer to you over time if you actually open yourself to it and its alchemy. 

The mark of true spiritual maturity is using your own spirit to discern truth without just sponging other people’s beliefs around you even if you look up to them. You may notice that you come to believe everything the person you look up to believes, but it is not something they gave to you, it is from God to you directly. 

Your own sacred relationship with the higher-self gnosis of Christ and the one True Living God will protect you by alerting you to what is not in alignment with objective (ultimate) truth and law which clears all discordant energies off of your field. 

You will regain your entire soul, energy, timeline, abundance, union and mission if you choose this relationship above all else. 

This was the exact decision that shifted me from purgatory fields into my spiritual mission and union. I merged with the spirit of Christ one morning after asking God why things weren’t working out and felt so off.

I heard this answer in response: “Things will change when you start taking this seriously. Are you ready to take this seriously? If so, make that decision with your entire heart and never turn back”

It doesn’t mean all of your suffering is over and every dream you have will come true. It means that you let go of all unnecessary suffering and blockages that have prevented you from having the life God and Christ want you to have and have set forth for you before you were born. It’s much different than the life we are trying to push, create and force through our own fear, will,  control and inadequacies.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.