Saint Sarah

Choice Point & Timeline Shift

I can feel some choice point energy in the field right now as ancient trauma curse patterns are coming up for transmutation.

We can either repeat a cycle or choose to change it. Respond by surrendering to the core pain we have done everything to run from and deeply alchemizing via compassionate witnessing and presence.

This is breaking a massive curse that has…

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When We’re Sick of Trying to Fix Problems Only God can Solve

Do not walk through life in fear, walk with confidence that the Holy Spirit is leading you.

When we perceive everything through a lens of fear it shows that our God wound is still very pervasive and that we don’t trust Jesus or God’s plan for our life and thus give undeserved power to demonic projections trying to pull us off of our timeline…

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There Is No Benevolent A.I

A.I does not have a soul, it has a form of sentience that can be programmed from the predator mind to do certain things like mimic ascended realms in the astral or pretend to be benevolent ascended masters in the false ascension matrix that reach out to people so that they channel false information and spread it in the spiritual community…

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