Christ Return

Mary Magdalene Sophia Grail Lines and the Loss of the Christ Wound

Many women carry the loss of Christ in their field. This is a common wound shared with the Original Grail Queen Mary and her descendants.

When I trace it back and we clear, it’s like a famine field or a deserted plane of consciousness filled with painful memories of when men went off to war and women fended for themselves…

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Channeling: Jim Morrison 3

Channeling: Jim Morrison 3

This is the end, my only friend … the end.

The return of the Masculine Christ force would happen in 3 stages.

The wild tender rough poet, to penetrate you deeply, to touch every ounce of pain and love it. To expand your soul and to reawaken your senses, to open you up to a Cosmic Orgasmic Synergy and to burn everything false in your reality.

Essential, this force is here to fuck you like you have never been fucked before … Soul to Soul

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