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Solstice Portal Pre Dark Attack

Without fear, let’s be highly aware of the lunar forces and lash back occurring through this full moon. The frequency of challenge and threat they feel about how much control they’re losing through this solstice portal is quite intense. They’re certainly in the process of throwing black magic to create chaos in the field. 

They have tried to hit me at multiple angles, to get me to fight with my boyfriend or project old wounds into situations bringing up old cycles of energy between us. They’re really trying to create anger and intensity while also messing with physical things to frustrate us, like our car not working or even pushing toward destructive behaviors. 

We have a choice to navigate this with awareness and evolve or get taken for a not-so-fun ride. 

They have opened a dark portal in Egypt connecting to Orion to flip Solar Christ Currents into black lunar currents that spread black magic and fear. I am currently running the aqua plasma to flush, and staying clear in my knowing and stability but it’s quite challenging. 

The solstice portal is on the horizon and will be a timeline shift like no other; this is a pre-dark attack to that level of energy loss they’re about to incur.

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.