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Grail King Arthur & Inner Masculine Sacral Harvesting Purging

The Guardians have shared with me that all men who have been targeted by the lunar consciousness of Lilith that expresses itself in various forms of the dark mother, black magic witches, fallen goddesses and sacral harvesting from false twin flames ( inverted feminine ), are in the process of purging the mutated elementals from the sacral and sex magic of blood/semen rituals that keep them in timeline agreements and forced karmic contracts, binds and enslavement to her, blocking their inner Sophia ( Aqua Feminine Solar Body ) from resurrecting and aligning True Union with their Genetic Equal and the true Christ Sophia Template Counterpart within the Heart and Highest Timeline. 

This is massive because King Arthur’s Sacral Chakra and sex organs in the Avalon Grid have been an absolute feeding frenzy for dark witches and Lilith conglomerates of dark priestess lunar bloodlines to set up shop and get into all 12 of the Christ Bloodlines, especially the Emerald Melchizedek Lines and cause all sort of curses in the Sacral of those men serving Christ on earth and getting closer to their Divine Counterpart. 

Arthur’s Sacral is about to be taken back in the actual Grid. The Guardians are showing liberation within days fully so we are purging Lilith and sacral harvesting in the inner masculine big time to prepare for this shift. This is a part of the Mass Union Movement currently underway as a victory for us and higher beings currently supporting us. 

My advice is to meditate and focus on calling back all sacral: sex organs, blueprints, genetics, sperm cells, blood plasma and elementals and imaging Emerald Diamond Light burning all mutations out. Also, intentionally clearing through any previous sexual partner’s DNA and letting it go. This will help the process tremendously. 

This is amazing news – me and my Union are currently prepping for this clearing in his sacral and the visions of this restoration I’m getting are beyond exciting and inspiring for those feeling union close. The sexual power of the masculine is about to go through the roof and creative magnetic power streaming through this entire body resulting in inner and outer Union as well as liberation from the dark feminine and dark witch overlay that has enslaved and tortured him sexually and emotionally for so long… 

I hope this helps, 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.