Call to the Ready


4 years ago, we channelled a prophetic message which spoke of a time to come, wherein a serious Timeline Bifurcation would commence….

That Time Is Now

Never before has it been more vital to be attuned to the True Divine Logos

As massive unfoldments on the world stage are being set into motion, the gravity of Soul Choice Points has never been higher. 

The overall timeline for Angelic and Starseed alignment to the Great Plan is up to the individual. 

At this point, through the interpersonal heroes journey the choices made by these courageous souls are the determining factor for when they surrender into grace and ultimately step onto this timeline. 

We all came here to serve the same mission, we have the same objective and long before the egoic distortions developed on this fallen world, we all served the same King.

On this Earth his name is Jesus. In heaven, he is the Christos, firstborn son of the formless, nameless, Eternal Father. He is the leader of the Angelic Body and all who have chosen to incarnate into this fallen realm from this Kingdom did so with the intention of aligning to the true Logos and Divine Will set forth by a plan crafted eons ago.  

Let me be clear

All souls who volunteered to serve this plan are protected by the Will of their Higher Self

All Angels and Starseeds will eventually align to this Mission, but, there are multiple timeline inroads onto the timeline and those who fail to make the proper adjustments at this time will have to cycle through more nonsensical delusions until they are ready.

Suffering ends when we choose Christ. 

For the ones who are done with cycling, this powerful Lightbody Activation and Transmission will prepare you to make this shift now and support you at a multidimensional level to do so. 

You will receive the knowledge and clear comprehension to know the how, and also be given Soul Akasha Upgrades to rapidly expedite this process.

From there, choice points – initiatory processes which you will have to pass through by turning right instead of left of your own volition – will arise.

These are powerful times.

The more of us we pull onto the timeline, the more graceful the process in general.

The only actions that ultimately matter in an individual’s life are the ones that serve the Kingdom of God. All else is superficial and immediately forgiven as a learning curve.

The actions of those intentionally misaligned to Christ are anti-Christ and not reflecting God’s intention and plan for humanity. Those actions defile the Soul of a person and feed the phantom matrix.

You can only serve one God – the god of this earth or the one True Living Christ

Our hearts’ intention is what truly matters.

Do we live to serve God no matter how imperfectly we do it? Or, do we live to serve ourselves? 

If we live to serve ourselves we live in an energy deficit and do not have access to the Source/ Christ realm where energy is abundant and given with unconditional love.

Instead, we rely on the energy of others around us to sustain us, becoming parasitic and living to take what does not belong to us.

The Christ Field is the 12 Dimensional Source Field that emits provision and protects those that honor it. It is the essence of what is eternal and life-giving. We cannot sustain ourselves without honoring and recognizing the True Christ/ Sophia frequency. 

There are multiple timelines playing out right now

The highest, most important timeline is the one where we stand for and give all glory to the Creator. This timeline is called the Eternal Solar Light of Christ and will completely set us on our right path, take care of us and align us to our Union, Mission, Abundance and Soul Family. 

All other timelines that exist now exist on the manipulation of resources through exploiting humans and these timelines will not sustain themselves forever. In our lifetime these timelines will collapse completely. 

In certain ways, we can be service to self or not wholeheartedly for God due to unprocessed trauma and wounding.

This is totally understandable since we live on a fallen planet with so much atrocity and destruction that has manipulated us into seeking relief in the world or through external means, however, we cannot fill the God wound or the void in our soul with external gratification or attention. 

Yes, we all have legitimate needs on the outside world that are important but there is a difference between living for this world and living for God. 

Only Christ can align us into true freedom and that includes how we receive money and how safe we feel. 

Activation & GridWork Will Include:

Aligning us to the Christ Timeline and collapsing our connection to all false timelines including false light, consciousness traps and deceptive beautiful promises that are to come on the world stage 

Light of the 12 Dimensional Solar Christ Field coming back into the Lightbody to restore Timeline and Organic Tree of Life Field. (This will kick out implants, reversal tree, and Luciferian service to self-consciousness and astral entities) 

Working with the Native Shamanic Ruby Christ Bloodlines of White Navajo to heal DNA mutations or DNA trauma such as timelines of genetic hatred and targeting of those that have stood for Christ

Clearing stigmata, crown of thorns and wounds of Christ used against us in our pain body and etheric body

Recognizing our True Soul Purpose and Mission and stabilizing into the Provision Field of being taken care of and safe for life

Grid work will be on the Mojave Desert within the Magenta Light of the True Christ Masculine Divine Union Template for men and women.

This will be a miraculous experience!

We have deep faith in the strength of our community and welcome all who are activated by this message to join

Miracles Under

The Christ Logos

© 2014 - 2023 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.

© 2014 - 2023 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.