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Hydroplasmic Golden Christ Light Hitting the Earth Now

Hydroplasmic Golden Christ Light ( the Light of Truth) is hitting the Earth intensely right now and uncovering and revealing profound deceptions and long-buried truths. 

The truth belongs to God and our consciousness and cannot be withheld for much longer by black magic mind filters and AI mind control systems. Our Soul has complete dominion over inorganic consciousness, so these are no longer blocking our higher vision of perception to a frequency that completely overrides delusion and manipulation. These revelations are on a mass scale in our societal systems as well as personally around us. You will feel the pressure building and then the release over and over until you are able to fully hold and support this frequency. 

Don’t feed separation energies and go projecting hurtful, false ideas onto how others are perceiving you as that can be astral manipulation entities trying to put those thought forms into you so you get triggered, react and cause separation in communities and strength in numbers, but be aware of what is fundamentally dishonouring to your Soul and if anyone’s misperceptions of you and the filters they’re trying to assign to you don’t feel true in the light of what God is reflecting to you. 

Establishing boundaries if you don’t feel safe with them having access to your energy is important as the Christed Truth and high energies are coming in. 

Many different forces will try to get people to run chaotic separation, triggers, and bully energies to harm or reveal their true thoughts, feelings and intentions for the better so you can protect yourself. 

It is important to really feel into what is true and not fall for triggers and narratives spun by malevolent forces but also know when to protect yourself so that you may continue your path in peace and alignment with your energy intact. 

Manipulation loosh harvesting is at an all-time high as well as the Revelation of Truth. 

You will notice fall out of energies, people and things and realignment to the new, more pristine reflections. 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.