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Collective Feminine Shadow - Doubting our Mission and Expression

Collective feminine shadow connected to the energy of doubt, expression and creativity is coming up this week to be fully cleared and purged including doubting our mission, our ability to do this work, expressing ourselves and feeling received by others. 

This is connected to the biological mother wound of not wanting to face the pain of our life and throwing in the towel and wanting to give up so to speak. We are clearing the dark mother and wound around not being able to be present and powerful. This is clearing to give life to the regeneration of our Sophianic Lightbody and Solar Magnetism that is confident in mission, expression, creativity and being received by those she is meant to serve. 

This is a huge flush and It’s breaking a very intense black magic on the left wing of the feminine that has been crucifying her and oppressing her feeling of purpose. Anything coming up to make you doubt yourself and recoil from your mission is around the dark mother who is losing her hold on many powerful Sophianic Leaders, so that’s why a lot is coming up to try and get us to retract instead of push through and stand in our God-given foundation for mission. 

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© 2014 - 2024 Emily Harris. All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms.